10 Wishes


This is my first time posting here. I found this through a random meme my friend was doing. I'm 27 and live in NY, USA. As with everyone this year was a small slice of hell but oh well. New year to look forward to and I love the holidays. Hopefully I did this right. I'll happily fix it if not.

My Ten Wish Items

1) An all expenses paid trip to Scotland--
When in doubt, start with something huge. LOL This is so not likely but I always wanted to go and so why the hell not stick it up here.

2) PS3 -- I really kind of want one of these but I can't bring myself to go and buy something this expensive for myself. I may get one next year but there are finally enough games on here for me to feel okay about buying one. Plus they fixed alot of the bug issues and the new design is sweet.

3) Kindle or other ebook reader -- I seriously need one of these. I plan on getting rid of all my books soon and I adore ebooks. Honestly I read most books on my laptop now but the Behemoth is really too huge to carry around easily.

4) Wrapped gift / Snail mail/ Holiday Card -- don't care too much what is inside I love getting packages, especially out-of-country mail. I also have a strange love of opening packages. I'm not even sure I care what is in them so much as the receiving and opening is fun. Somehow going to the post office or opening your mail box and finding something there is the bestest feeling ever.

5) Gift cards -- not picky about what kind. I'm sure I'll find a fun and interesting use for them .

6) Baking gear of reasonable quality -- I do commission work, most of the cakes around the house, and a significant portion of my friends birthday/celebration cakes. I can always use more gear.

7) a dollar-- I'm saving up for college and every little bit helps. A couple bucks here or there means I can take a few less hours at work while in school.

8) Surprise me!! I heart surprises and I'm a sucker for new and interesting things.

9 ) Donate to one of the wildlife programs-- I'm fond of big cats, little cats, pets of all shapes and sizes. Donate time or money, you don't even have to put it in my name. Pet your cat or animal for me. Make some animal somewhere a little bit happier. I'll thank you and so will they.

10) And of course, I have an amazon wishlist
anything off there would be swell. ^_^

Now I feel like the greediest person ever but I suppose that is okay. I think maybe I will go clean my room a bit more. Oh and if you need to get a hold of my for shipping address my email is seorgia at gmail dot com.
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Send me your address (and maybe a copy of this list) because I want to send you something in the mail. I LOVE getting packages too, so I am hoping to figure out something to send your way :) I don't have much money, but I could probably come up with something. pixie_vixen117 at yahoo.com

I am a HUGE animal lover too. Big or small, I love them all. I have two rescued pets (a cat and a dog) and I am always loving on them. My mom just took in a stray kitty the other day and named her Honey. She is really a sweetie pie and loves everyone, including dogs! Hope that makes you smile :)