Wish List

Hello everyone! Little late this year, I was busy grating other people wishes:) but, nether less here it comes, my wish list one-wish-long..:)

1. Postcards, postcards, postcards!!! from everywhere, anywhere, anything.

that it... I'm easy to please I guess...

That wish I can grant!
Could you email your details to katewoolard at hotmail.com please?
Would love to send you a postcard as well. Please email your info to worstxintentions at gmail dot com and the subject "Holiday Wishes - Postcard"
I'd be happy to send you a postcard.

Either PM this account or email me your info at jessikamikaze at yahoo dot com, please, so I could get it out to you soon!
You have a really simple wish. I am determined to fulfill it for you. Please email me at susanwintwelve@gmail.com for your postcard.