Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hey everyone, my name is Andrea, I'm a 19 year old student from California, and this is my third year doing this! I had an amazing time last year granting wishes, and hope that that experience continues this year! So here are my wishes, and an advance thank you to everyone who makes this tradition so great:

1. I guess I should get my really indulgent request out of the way. A paid account my Livejournal (tazeredtiger) or my Dreamwidth ([info]defenestrated) They've got their sale going on too, so if you have an account you can get two months for every six months donated!
2. A penpal from Germany, or who speaks German. I am trying to teach myself German (and my vocabulary is infantile at best) but I would really like someone to practice with by snail mail, or just to have a penpal in general!
3. Well I guess on that note, things that will help me learn German. I have a textbook, and lists of websites, but nothing else beyond that! :x
4. Postcards from around the world. I love to decorate my walls in postcards of places I've been, or places friends have been that I wish to go to someday. Whether it be within the U.S. or out of the country, I'd really love to get postcards!
5. Wellwishes for finals. I only have one more left, so some good vibes for that, and I guess some good vibes for my past finals, that are getting graded!
6. A layout for my Dreamwidth; I have pictures and the like in mind for it, but I am not HTML/CSS savvy in the least.
7. Artwork and prints for my walls. My dorm room is sadly bare, because posters are expensive. If you know of gorgeous images that I could print, or if you have images/posters you're willing to mail to me, that'd be awesome.
8. Book reccomendations! I'm always on the lookout for new things to read, so if there's a novel or series you really love, tell me why you love it!
9. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist. Doesn't have to be new, used would also be loved!
10. Surprise me!

I really hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! (P.S. if you're granting a wish that requires my address, comment with your email below! Thank you all once again!)
Ich lerne auch Deutsch. Ich möchte jemandem schreiben. Geben Sie mir bitte Ihre Adresse, und ich werde Ihnen schreiben.
Geben Sie mir Ihre eMail bitte, oder schicken Sie ein eMail zu dieser Adresse: hit.by.a.parked.car at gmail dot com.
(Oh man I hope that was correct. :x)
It was - mostly. *grin* Write me at darkmoore at gmail dot com and tell me your address. I'm a native speaker (German, duh) so I should be able to write to you in German *wink*
I'd love to send you a postcard. Email me at fanshawe.1828[at]gmail[com] and give me your address? :)
I would love to send you a photo. Please email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with your info and the subject "Holiday Wishes - Photo"
would you friend me? or mind me friending you? I can send you a $10 coupon for a paid LJ account that only costs $9.95. All you have to do is sign up for automatic payments. This is something they are letting paid members give out.

I didn't want to friend you without leaving a message!
Happy Holidays!
While I certainly appreciate the offer, I unfortunately don't qualify for that promotion because my account is paid through January. :( Thank you very much though, and I hope you also have a wonderful holiday season!
What sorts of pictures do you like? I'm a photographer so I have all sorts of photos I could email to you to print, as well as hundreds of random pictures on my computer. Your profile doesn't say the things you're into, but I do love your funny interest list ;)

Also, what sort of books?

Ahaha, oh wow I completely forgot that I made my interest list so useless all those months ago. I really love strange things, if that makes any sense, things you don't normally see, like funny signs, weird sculptures, unusual performance art, that kind of thing. I also love things dealing with lots of bright colors, or interesting use of shadow. So pretty much if if makes you go "man that is so weird, yet so cool," chances are I'll love it. :3

As for books, I love mystery, thriller, fantasy, and sci-fi mostly. :D
Sorry for taking forever to reply! It sounds like you like the same sort of pictures as me, so straight away I started putting some together to send to you :) Then I got distracted by Christmas!

Is your email address like you said above: hit.by.a.parked.car at gmail dot com

(including the dots in the first bit?)