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Continuing my holiday_wishes tradition of posting at the last minute ;). Hi everyone! I go by Tindy and I hail from Switzerland. A lot of my requests this year are crafts-related, because one of my big New Year's resolutions is to seriously work on reopening my online jewelry shop (it's not open yet, before you ask, because I need to build up stock).

1. Beads of any kind! If you want to destash, I'm your gal. And I've got stuff I can send you in return, too.

2. Cute Japanese erasers and other similar items that would make good charms -- example.

3. Printable iron-on transfers for (dark) t-shirts. Strange request, I know, but they're really, ridiculously expensive here in Switzerland.

4. If you live anywhere near a smushed penny machine and could send me one or two, that would be really nifty.

5. Postcards (and letters)! Doesn't have to be fancy; I like storebought as well as handmade. I'll happily send people cards/letters in return as well!

6. Long shot, but any of the (very out of print) Eighth Doctor Adventures books -- particularly anything with Fitz in it!

7. I love jewelry with elephants ... again, nothing fancy; in fact I love simple, stylized stuff. The only thing is that I'm (mildly) allergic to nickel, so hypoallergic findings are definitely preferred.

8. BPAL imps -- in the event that someone out there hasn't already sent off all their spares to other requesters ;). Musks or florals make me kind of queasy but other than that I'm not very picky -- e-mail me and I'll let you know what I have already, so you don't waste your time and postage.

Last but not least
10. I know everyone brings this up, but if you have time or money to spare, please consider donating it to the charity of your choice this holiday season. If you live in the US, may I recommend using the Better Business Bureau and/or the Charity Navigator to make sure that you can trust the ones that interest you.

Contact info: skalja [at] livejournal [dot] com. Pretty simple, right?
I would like to exchange postcards with you, message your address, please :)
I so happen to have a smashed penny machine forty minutes away from me and I am going down there this week!

If you would like one, send me your address via PM and I will send it out!
I have a penny smusher and a store that sells Japanese erasers just a few minutes walk from my apartment! I can't guarantee anything, though, because I'm in the middle of exams. (I'm telling you now so that I will have an extra push to do it!) Will email you when/if I get them.
Hey, no worries, your exams come first. :D Thanks for thinking of me at a time like this.
What if the erasers are not from Japan but cute anyway? Cause that is a great idea! I made in the past a pin using an eraser in the shape of sunglasses. I think I even sealed it with decoupage seal. Maybe I wonder if other seals will work too...
I've been trying to figure the sealing issue out myself ... and no, it's totally fine if they're not from Japan -- I have a devil duck eraser I'm thinking of making a pin or something from. :D
OH WOW! You must show me what a devil duck eraser looks like! ^_^ Yeah you sound like me making things from small things for charms. :D
I can DEFINITELY get my hands on some smushed pennies! I'd love to exchange postcards with you too. (:
That would be awesome! How do I contact you to trade addresses? (I mean, in case you have a preference.)
Erk. Tried to look for a few of the Eighth Doctor novels on BookMooch.com (I've got a lot of points and rarely get to spend any) but no luck. Still, if you'd like to do a search yourself and find any, I'd be happy to spend my points on getting them for you.

(Alternately, you could set up an account and wishlist all the titles - that way, you'd get an e-mail when one becomes available.)
Heh, I had the same idea less than a month ago! Alas, I discovered the same thing as you ... even the newer, Nine and Ten novels are not to be found. But I really appreciate the thought! :D
Sorry - I got two of the Choose-your-own-adventure-books for the new series off there a while back, so I thought that perhaps ...

Okay, replying to the RIGHT comment this time. >_>

Well, it's good to know some stuff is on there. I'm thinking I might search for some of the new series books -- although my mother just told me that shipping books from Switzerland out of the country is incredibly expensive, so the whole thing might be a wash until I move back to the US! Oh, well, at least I can browse.
Hey, I tried to find your wishlist and I couldn't, maybe because I am really dense -- do you have one up somewhere? I mean, I can't promise anything, but I'd like to take a gander! :D
Thank you - especially given I couldn't actually get you anything from your list, I appreciate the thought very much.

Given how late I was remembering this com this year though, I didn't post one. (So no worries about being unable to find it.) ^^;
AHEM comment confusion. Argh.

Anyway, yeah, wishlists are fun, that's why I'm here! Maybe I'll catch your list next year, then?

And Happy New Year, by the way!

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email me your add to susanwintwelve@gmail.com for the postcard. Happy holidays! :)
I am indeed in the process of destashing beads! Please drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Postcard and Beads" in the subject and your address in the body!