Hello :D

Hello all! I'm a 23 year old journalism student living in sunny Queensland, Australia. It's so terribly hot right now :( I'm running a bit late this year, but here are my holiday wishes. I'd be so thrilled if anyone could grant them!

1. American candy, or candy specific to your country.
This would make me so utterly happy :D

2. A black vest for my boyfriend.
He has a 100cm bust and 90cm waist. Something gothy looking, perhaps with big silver buttons, would be epic.

3. This screaming monkey.
God I want this so bad it hurts, haha.

4. Tea.
I love black tea blends, but anything really. I'd love to try something a bit different :D

5. Tea accessories.
From spoons to tea sets, I just have a huge tea fetish <3

6. Soap from Lush.
I love the things they have. Or really any nice girly sweet-smelling stuff.

That's it, really. If you're able to grant any of these I'll gladly send you a postcard or something in return!

email: frieza_rocks@hotmail.com or I can PM you if you comment <3
hello, from egl. I can send you American candy, pm me your addy, what wish I'm granting and would you also like japanese, chinese or korean candies with that. I live near 2 korean markets, 5 japanese markets, 2 chinese markets, and work near 3 other chinese markets.
I'm in Australia too...and while I can't help ou directly on the monkey, I can tell you that I saw that exact one in one of the chain electronics places where I am. Dick Smith or Tandy or somewhere...I just can't remember exactly which one. I can go and have another look and get back to you if you like?
Oh really? Argh, so much want! I went into Dick Smith's here in Brissy and couldn't see it... if you do happen to locate it, I'd really appreciate details ^^;
If you can wait till after chrismas I can send you a few things. Just need to wait till after chrismas because I'm away from today at my mums in the middle of nowhere and won't be seeing any shops for a week :P

That would be so cool if you don't mind :D Gah, I'd die without easy access to shopping centres, haha.

My address is
Suz Dorfield
22 Oakey st
Stafford Heights
QLD 4053

Do you have a wishlist? :3