Yule Blessings

I wasn't sure about exactly what I was wanting to wish for...but I think I've got it this year.

1. A paid Live Journal Account
2. Surprise me with something off my Amazon Wishlist it is divided up into categories but I'm posting my default one :D . (Debbie's Wishlist)
3. Snail mail: Holiday cards!
4. Kiki's Delivery Service on DVD (I lost mine :( )
5. polymer oven bake clay, clay supplies like 'cookie cutters' (small), liquid clay, etc
6. earrings-I have pierced ears. I prefer silver like vs gold like.
7. monkeys! Anything to do with monkeys-toys, stickers, stationary etc. A small surprise box of monkey items of your picking.
8. Anything to do with Wiccan/Pagan (like pentagrams, herbs, incense, books etc)
9. Fairies: again surprise me. I love anything and everything fairies.
10. Surprise Me!

My contact info:

Email: debbiesp@gmail.com
Subject: Holiday Wishlist on LJ

Debbie Spensley
120 S Evergreen Ln
Bloomington, IL 61704-4620

Have a blessed holiday everyone!
I'll be sending you a card from Aust in 2mros mail... it may not make it by the 25th, but it will come. :-)
Sending you a random book tomorrow. Not sure if it will make it by the 25th, but it will be out.
I sent you a card did you get it? I've been thinking of getting you a paid lj account because I know you have been wanting one for ages, so as soon as I saw it was #1 on your wishlist, I bought it for you :)