Holiday wishes 2009

Hello everyone, my name is Toos and I live in the Netherlands. I love arts and crafts and I am a collector of playing card jokers. This is my third year I am participating and I'm loving it.
Last year I was so busy granting wishes I forgot to post my own,:^D
So before I forget again, here are my wishes.
1. Sharpies markers.
2. Any kind of fabric scraps.
3. Magazines about mixed media like cloth paper scissors or Somerset Studio.
I would really like that, I haven't found a shop in the netherlands that sells one of these.
4. A handmade or drawn Christmas angel.
5. Candy of your country, I have a sweet tooth.
6. Any kind of art supplies.
7. Playing card jokers for my collection.
8. Holiday card.
I hope everyone will have a really nice holiday season.

Toos Schrama
Strick van Linschotenstraat 18
1943kc Beverwijk
the Netherlands
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Ah I can totally give ya candy! ^_^ It'll most likely be after Christmas, sadly if that is ok.
I would love to get candy from you, even after Christmas, ;^D Thanks in advance.
Do you have a wish list too?
Hello! I want to send your a letter including a holiday card an a playing card if I find one. I'll also try to draw an angel. Message me with your address :)
That would be great, I love getting mail and I love angels, especially the hand drawn ones.
I'll send you my address.
Do you have a wish list?
I would like it very much to receive a card from Hawaii, and I would like it even more if you'd draw me an angel. :^)
I'll go and have a look at your list.