Happy holidays! :)

Hey! :) I'm Tria, 23, from England, on (I think) my third year at this community. I love seeing people made so happy by things, it's awesome. I hope to be able to do some of that this year too, even if I'm running very late! If you'd like to fulfil any of my wishes on this list, please comment, and I will try to find your wishlist too and send you my address. Thanks a lot!

Please note: I'm perfectly happy with second-hand books and such. I don't care about things being new so long as they're serviceable - and thank you to everyone here for taking part in this! I'm moving at the start of January, but I will be setting up mail forwarding, so it's not a problem. Also, anything late is also welcome, because my birthday is in early February, so I tend to treat late Christmas gifts as early birthday ones. :D

01. Amazon gift cards - I'm forever buying stuff from Amazon.co.uk for myself and others, so something to take the cost of that down a touch would be terribly helpful and very welcome!

02. A shower mat - I'm moving into a place with a downstairs shower as my mobility is limited, but it doesn't have a non-slip mat, so I'd really like to get one - I could do without getting another concussion. My brain is a sieve already, lol.

03. Bookcase(s) - As I say, I'm moving, and don't have housing for my 1500+ books in the new place yet... Would be very much appreciated. (I'm in the Greater Manchester area of England, if that helps.)

04. Pretty, long skirts - I love them all, provided they aren't pink! Especially the kind with layers that fall to ankle-length. I have a sort of collection, but I'd kind of like something fresh. (No need for it to be new - I can even mend rips if I have to!) I'm 5'4" and a UK size 14. :)

05. A hooded shirt or T-shirt for one of my major fandoms - preferably Sanctuary, Farscape, NCIS, Firefly or CSI: NY. (If it's character, the girls tend to be my favourite!) I take a medium, usually, or, as above, a UK size 14-16 (chest measurement 40", since I know that's usually needed). ♥!

06. an Xbox 360 - That's my big ticket item! I'd love one of my own. Doesn't have to be new so long as it works, if I'm lucky enough to get this - I don't mind! :)

07. Something from my Amazon wishlist(s) - Search for trialia @ gmail.com at Amazon.co.uk - there's more than one only because I divide my wishlist at Amazon into separate ones based on media, which is good for my organisation. I'm not asking for stuff from more than one, I swear! :)

08. Mix CDs - I like instrumental and symphonic metal genres better than anything, but you can find out my music taste at my last.fm account. :) I love to discover new music!

09. Something for my little sister - She's really broke this year, and has to give all her holiday money to her landlord for late rent, and she's suffering from depression, so I'd like to see her get something nice that isn't necessarily from me for a change. I think it would cheer her up a lot. She likes fantasy, dragons, LARPing, cinnamon and corsets, among other things - her username is gaia_kiari if you'd like to find out more. Thanks!

10. A cure for fibromyalgia syndrome! - Oh, I'd love that. As would many of my friends. I can hope, right? :)

Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you get what you want! I'm going to go trawl through the community for things I can grant, now. :)
Hiya! I am pretty sure I can fulfil a wish from your list :-) please email me your address (dreximgirl[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk) I cannot guarantee getting to the post office on Monday, which is the last day for 1st class, so you may receive it just after so apologies if it is late :-)

Have a wonderful christmas

p.s. You have a beautiful name

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Thank you very much! :D And late is absolutely fine, as per my note at the top of the post :) I just treat late Christmas presents as early birthday ones. I'll email you now :)

You, too! And thank you - I actually came up with it myself, and most of my RL friends were online first, so they call me Tria, and I eventually adopted it as just my name.
Number 10 - I so wish for that toooo!

and for number 9 - well if you pass me your address, I think I can send something to your sis but she will only get it in Jan or Feb if that's okay?
My email is changeweaver at gmail :")
So say we all! Also, love your Discworld icon.

Thanks. That's fine, her birthday is February 5, so she'll still be happy about it :) I'll email you. Thanks.
Re: Amazon
I'm already an MSE regular, but thank you anyway :) the thought is appreciated.
I don't have fibromyalgia, but I have friends who do, and have nerve pain myself, possibly chronic.
I definitely have sympathy there. gabapentin/neurontin has been a miracle drug for me, maybe its something to try if you havent yet?
Gabapentin is one of the meds I'm on at the moment, tapering up. It's dropped my average pain level by a point or two overall, but that becomes moot in winter because of the weather, unfortunately. (I'm also severely hypermobile, you see, so cold and damp makes it worse.)

Thank you, though!