Project Moose!

Hello, everyone! I'm twenty-eight years old, I live in Buffalo, NY, and I work for a local politician (who I call "Bossman" on my blog). I always have so much fun trying to find wishes I can fulfill on here and my flists! I don't have much that I want for myself this year, and I have plenty of friends and family members to take care of me. What I'd like to ask of all of you is help with something for one of the best teachers I ever had.

Sister Marcyann taught first year history to the freshman at my all girls' high school. (Global Studies I, for you New Yorkers) She has been there FOREVER, and she has always been a favorite of many of us. She's a tough teacher, a tough lady, and she won't take crap from anyone. She is an inspiration, and one of the reasons why I went into comparative politics in the first place. Sometimes, when I find myself with a problem student in front of me, I think "What would Sr. Marcyann do?" You can read more of everyone else's Sister Marcyann stories on Facebook here. Now she's sick. Sr. Marcyann has been undergoing treatment for cancer for a while, and things have been very difficult for her.

It has always been a dream of Sr. Marcyann and her best friend (our former Vice Principal, Sr. Connie) to take a trip to Alaska. Some of us girls are trying to make that dream a reality. It would be wonderful if Sr. Marcyann had an Alaskan trip ahead of her to think about while she is undergoing her treatment. It could help to keep her spirits high and give her something to look forward to after the treatment is done. So, we are asking if people would be willing to make a small contribution to a trip fund. If you have just a few dollars to spare, we would all appreciate the thought. No donation is too small (or too big)! We have already raised over $600, but there's still a long way to go.

Sr. Marcyann and Sr. Connie do know about this and are extremely excited and grateful about the prospect. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please make a check out directly to Sr. Marcyann Kowalczyk, OSF (write out her whole name) and send it to:

Sr. Marcyann Kowalczyk, OSF
c/o Sr. Connie Marlowe
Sacred Heart Academy
3860 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14226

Please and thank you! ♥
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