Hi there! This is my second year doing this, and I am very excited to get started this year. I'm 23 years old, live in Southern California, and hope one day to be a librarian. At the moment I am in school for a history degree and work at a bookstore. (yay books!)

Sorry for the late start. And here is my wishlist.

1. Cards! Christmas cards are love!

2. Peter Rabbit plush. Any would be lovely, but I am particularly in love with Jemima Puddle-Duck.

3. Flickr users, I would really love to follow more people on flickr. I am rather enamored of the site lately. So links to any of your favorite flickr users would be wonderful.

4. A penpal, because mail is a lovely thing.

Thank you very much for looking! My info is behind the cut.

Email me at moonlettte@gmail.com if you have any questions. And my address is:

Lillian Hanna
45998 Ocotillo Dr. #4
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Please do send me the link to your wishlist!
Thanks so much!
I also want to be a librarian, my best friend lives in California, and I'm about to be 23...pen pals? :)
Another Jemima lover! Everytime someone says that word I get all bouncy. This has nothing to do with your wishlist, but I have a Jemima tattoo on my wrist :D