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This is a first for me, prompted by a friend's posting this year and some general lurking last year. This community seems like a such a great place, with a fantastic premise: Giving! As for me, I'm 30 years old and living in Tacoma, WA with my husband and our five-year-old daughter. It's been a rough year for us all, but we're here, we're alive and we have each other. That's what matters most. The rest is just the bacon on our maple bar.

Onto the wishes, right?

1. A new vacuum cleaner. My last one was a dumpster dive find and it proved to be the best vacuum I ever owned. Until yesterday, when I turned it on and I swear it nearly exploded. After some minor surgery, it was determined that the entire motor had disintegrated. Now, I'm relegated to sweeping my carpet. Boo.

2. Tickets to see Alice in Chains at the Paramount in Seattle in February. The one thing my husband wanted for Christmas. While I made a meek attempt at obtaining them when they went on sale earlier this month, the truth of the matter is I just didn't have the money to spend on them.

3. However much it costs to take my cat to the vet. Last year, my now nine-year-old cat became so anemic that she required an emergency blood transfusion. She also developed a blood clot that traveled to one of her back legs, rendering it useless. She's been in great health until recently - a bum leg doesn't hold her back! However, she's developed a lump the size of a plum that bothers me. This is another of those things we haven't been able to afford, though - I'm still paying on the $1200 emergency room bill from last year that saved her life.

4. Bath Bombs from Lush. Specifically, the Bathtime Favourites tin they're currently selling for the holidays. Nothing's better than when my ears slip below the waterline and the real world is just a little bit muffled for a little while.

5. Torrid giftcard. I'm a chunky girl and I'm tired of not dressing to suit my personality. Too much of my clothing is more suited to my job and not my life outside the office.

6. Voltage converter for travel to Europe. I'm going to London on business and I'd rather not blow up my gadgets while I'm there, but I'm hopelessly clueless as to what I'll need. New, used, it doesn't matter. Just so long as my laptop stays in one piece, I'm happy.

7. A decent pair of shoes, size 9. I'm Mom, so everyone else gets their needs met before I meet my own and it happens most when it comes to shoes. Now, my trusty sneakers are about to fall right off my feet. I usually just end up buying myself a pair of cheapie Wal-Mart shoes, but I really need something that can put up with my walk-everywhere, public transit self. I'd really like a good pair of Dr. Martens ankle boots because they're comfortable and sturdy.

8. A new (to me) kitchen table. The one we have has seen better days. It's permanently tilted and shakes when you use it to write on or rest your elbows. I'd like to get my family eating dinner at the table again, but it's hard when the table itself is so full of fail.

9. Flowers delivered to me at work. From someone other than my mom.

10. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men. Seriously. If only for one moment.

My contact info is listed in my profile or I can be reached by LJ message.

Happy Holidays to one and all!
I run a rescue/shelter in Illinois, and I have a list of organizations that can help with vet bills. One of my friends in Louisiana got help for surgery on her ferrett, so I *know* thay actually do help.
If you'd like the list, email me at empressjad at aol dot com
Hopefully, one of them can help get your kitty healthy again!!
Did you get the vet help list thing? I replied to the email, but it bounced back with "fatal errors"... Let me know.
It doesn't look like it came through - maybe you can try my Gmail account?


Thanks again!
10. I will do my part and not think malicious thoughts at my coworkers tomorrow. :)

Where are you in Tacoma, I grew up there?