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This is my second year round, and I'd totally forgotten about this community until today! I'm Anji, 23 year old mother to Orion who's four and partner to Fredrik who'd kill me if I disclosed his age. ;o) We live in the south of the UK with three adorable fancy rats.

I'm going to go through in a moment and see how many other wishes I can grant. :D And here are mine:

1. Cards! I'm Pagan, Fredrik is agnostic bordering on atheist and Orion has no religion because he's only four, so cards from any religion/denomination or none at all would be wonderful.

2. Anything rat related. Like I said, we have pet rats, and I am totally obsessed with the little critters. So I'd love anything rat/mouse related!

3. Stickers. Orion (like I imagine every other four-year-old in the world) loves stickers!

4. Magnets. We have a huge fridge which is covered in notes, tickets, postcards and photographs, and not enough magnets to go round them all. ;o)

5. Notebooks. I collect notebooks like other women collect shoes or handbags.

6. Anything from Lush. Seriously, I think Lush is my favourite shop in the whole wide world. I would live in there if I could.

7. A pay rise for my partner. He doesn't earn enough right now for us to move out of our house. I really hate this house (it's where my son nearly died, for one thing). Please Father Christmas, have a word with his boss?

8. A donation (money or clothing/toiletries) to your local women's shelter. Or a monetary donation to Rape Crisis, RAINN, Women's Aid or your regional equivalent.

9. A donation (money, blankets or food) to your local animal rescue shelter. Or a monetary donation to an animal welfare charity.

10. Call your mother to tell her you love her. I didn't realise how hard my mum worked, or how much she really loved me, until I had my son. Call your own mum and tell her how much she means to you.
I just needed to say that I love you for your public posts about fat acceptance.

I'd love to send you a card if you don't mind probably not getting it until after the holidays. Send your info to sadarievenstar@gmail.com
You sound awesome as hell! I'd love to send you a card, but it surely won't arrive by Solstice or even Christmas. Would you mind emailing me your address?
snoopdawg at livejournal.com
Hey! :)

I'd love to exchange cards with you!
Can you send me your address, please?

sarlote.sakne at google.com
Hi, I'd like to send you a card. Could you please e-mail your address to whatever.freak.bethany@googlemail.com and include you LJ username? Thanks! :)