Hey Everybody

Hey everybody! :) My name is Kassie. I'm 20, from Canada. I love making people happy and experiencing the joy brought on by little things, thoughtfulness, creativity, you name it! I hope to be able to do some of that this year too, even if I'm running very late! If you'd like to fulfil any of my wishes on this list I would be more than appreciative. I will put all of my info behind a cut, but if you wanna comment on this post, that's awesome too. It's always fun to know that something's coming your way, even if you're not quite sure what! Please note: I'm perfectly happy with second-hand anything. Or handmade. Or ANYTHING. Seriously. Even if you don't think you're good at writing or drawing but want to draw or write something...I will always appreciate the time, effort and skill you put into it. <3 Okay! On to my wishlist!

1. Cute Stationary:
I love stationary. I have a lot of japanese stuff and I love it. Besides writing on it, I love using it to make gift cards and thank you letters for people in my life. Or hanging some of it on my bedroom walls as decoration. :D

2. Mixed CDs:
I love discovering new music! It keeps my musical library alive and since I am the host of an internet radio show...trust me, it helps. I love rock, blues, instrumental, orchestra, sound track, soft music, gothic (mmm gothic ANYTHING) and ESPECIALLY I am ALWAYS on the hunt for creepy music!

3. Anything Horror Related:
Horror movies make my life. As does most things related to the gothic subculture. Got something stripey, batty, skully, or otherwise awesome? I've always loved the idea of having horror themed hair accessories, as well.

4. Left4Dead2 Themed ANYTHING: Fanart? Fanfics? Icons? Wallpapers? Hand painted mug? Promotional wear? Anything. I love Left4Dead and it's sequel. Especially with my favourite character in it: Ellis.

5. Christmas cards:
I love Christmas cards, and love to read people's writing and stuff.

6. A Cure:
I am currently dealing with a disorder that causes me to have mini-seizures. It's not epillepsy, but every time my neurologist does tests, she can't seem to tell me what's wrong. It's very stressful for me, and sometimes scary. I'm not on meds because each one they try on me usually slows down my ability to comprehend things or even gives me bad headaches. It's hard, on me, my boyfriend, my parents...all of us. Just keep me in your good thoughts, is all I ask.

7. A paid LJ account:
I know it's a lot to ask, but I love LJ and using icons and just everything about it.

8. Donations:
This year has been really rough money wise. I had to pay to carpool to a different college as a part of my university program (I couldn't move to the other college because I have a place near my actual university and they don't run shuttles back and forth and it's a 45 minute drive). I had to pay rent and bills, plus regular expenses and OSAP (student loans) really didn't come through for me this year. If you could find it in your heart to donate a little bit to my paypal account (Peaceful_wolf@hotmail.com), this will be going towards groceries, bills and rent as well as being saved up for next semester's tuition. Even if it's as little as 25 cents, it would still mean the WORLD to me.

9. Happy text messages:
If nothing else, getting happy text messages is the greatest thing ever and can turn a grey winter's day into something wonderful. If you would like to fulfill any of these, you can find my info behind the cut, here:

So, you can contact me many ways: For stuff like wallpapers, icons or anything like that, my main email is: kassie.wright89@gmail.com For text messages, my cell number is: 519-802-5575 For paypal, my email account is: Peaceful_wolf@hotmail.com My mailing address is: Kassie Wright 21 Sovereign St. Waterford, Ontario Canada n0e 1y0

I will be fulfilling wishes too, to the best of my ability. Much love and happy holidays.

EDITED: I just wanted to fix up the format of my post. It was a little ucky.
I've no money - but I'll keep you in my thoughts this Christmas, take care of yourself x
hrmmm.... let's see what i can come up with ^_^ i love creepy music.
So do I, but beyond the common stuff (Tom Waits, Nick Cave, some horror movie scores (though I don't have many of these), Current 93, and such) I basically just live off of Doomed on SomaFM and hope that when I hear good stuff I can find a working torrent or download.

So, anything you can share would be amazing! <3 Or heck, even if you've got suggestions.
Yup. Moved to Waterford with my Mum after she and my dad split up, been living there ever since.

The slight ray of sunshine is that I moved half an hour away for university (To Brantford...not a great change), but I get all of my mail sent to Waterford as the post office there is slightly more reliable.
What U's in Brantford? *puzzled look*
I can't find it.. or a college, or is it Private?
You will definitely be in my thoughts. I couldn't imagine how frightening it must be..but I will be thinking of you and hoping they find a cure for you. :)
Take care of yourself and have a wonderful holiday. xxx
Your Christmas card that you sent has been put up on my wall, and I want to thank you SO much. It was lovely. <3
Hi! I'm a bit late for Christmas, but it is More Joy Day, so I hope you enjoy the paid account & extra userpics and have a wonderful day!
Tarzanic, I don't know how to thank you enough for the paid account and extra userpics.

So I will simply say thank you, so much. I hope your day is amazing and I hope you know how much you've brightened my day!
You're most welcome! I'm glad it brightened your day.

Good thoughts are headed your way. I hope you and your doctors can figure out what's wrong and how to treat you best. I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you!