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Hi everyone! (: My name is Terry, I'm 18 and from California. This isn't my first time on Holiday Wishes, but I do love the spirit of the season and just making someone's day with a package or letter in the mail! I've also been lucky enough to get some of my wishes granted too. I'm so thankful for what this community has brought me <3 So here's my list!
  1. Handmade / hand-decorated cards. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but I'd love to get any sort of holiday card. I love seeing people taking time with crayons and markers and glitter and all that crafty jazz to make a card come alive. What a surprise out of the envelope, right?!
  2. A penpal. I've really missed sending and receiving letters in the mail, and it would be great to make some new friends! To be honest, it gets a bit lonely at college and it would be nice to look forward to some sweet letters in my drab school mailbox.
  3. DVDs of classic musicals. I'm a musical theater kid (love singing, acting, and dancing!), but my knowledge of Broadway and general musicals is way too poor. I need to learn mooore, haha. Ripped is just fine also, I'm not picky (:
  4. Flannel. I kind of love flannel, it's ridiculous. But not the fitted, technicolor shirts that most trendy teenagers wear. The straight-from-the-thrift-store, old, worn, non-descript-overszed kinds. Where it's soft from years of wear. Looove that!
  5. Recipes for someone on a budget. I'm a broke college student and I can't afford to go out to eat, but I don't know how to cook! A recipe book or something similar that caters to people with limited finances would be fantastic!
  6. Foreign candies. American candy gets dull real quick. I love trying things from other cultures (: I have a soft spot for Japanese sweets, but like I mentioned before, i'm really not picky!
  7. A typical souvenir from your town. My town has a good amount of tourist traffic, and it always makes me giggle when I see out-of-towners buy things that represent us. I'd like to know what is the typical souvenir in your town!
  8. Hand-knit or -crocheted beanies. I'm in love with slouchy beanies, just adore them. Especially in super-obnoxious colors. <3
  9. Vintage t-shirts. Especially with funny quotes or really ridiculous pictures. Lately, I've been on a big kitty-cat kick. You know, those soft-looking, doe-eyed ones in the middle of a giant basket of flowers? I find them so darn appealing.
  10. A dollar or two. I feel a little embarrassed putting this on my list... but budget cuts have hit my uni especially hard, and it's getting tougher and tougher to pay the tuition fees. Any amount of money would be a huge blessing. My PayPal email is tospendtime@hotmail.com if you would like to send a bit my way.
If you'd like to grant any of my wishes, please email me for my address at HERBROKENSMILE@HOTMAIL.COM. Thank you so much for reading this. I'm off to go grant more wishes now! <3
I can be a penpal and send you college recipes if you want! And of course throughout this writing process I can send gifts from my hometown, although I never know what to send from here!!

Email me at fraserette@gmail.com
sent you an email for your card. I hope you don't mind if it doesn't reach in time.