HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I am back for holiday wishes for the 2nd year. Really glad to have received the wonderful Christmas cards last year. I hope to do better this year by sending mine out it time. The following are my wishes, if you want to grant some, THANKS in advance! And I'll try to grant yours too!

1. Christmas cards! I love seeing things in the mail box. So play a part by sending m

2.SAT help! I will be taking the SAT test next year. Would appreciate any help anyone can give. Used books, notes, advice, papers. Anything to help pass the SAT!

3. Penpal. I love handwritten letters. Please be prepared to pardon my not too nice handwriting. If you don't mind, send me a letter and I'll reply with one! :)

4. Help with university research. Would love to hear advices on where to study and admission tips. I am intending to head to the states or UK.

5.  I own a Polaroid without films. If you have any film to spare, you can send them over. If you have the new instax or any other cute cameras to give. I will be more than glad to receive one.

6.I am also interested in getting a t-mobile sidekick. I need it unlocked though. If you can help do drop a message.

7. Books & magazines. I love to read but I don't have much to call my own. The library is my favorite place. If you have any books to give or any to recommend. Send them over. Recipe books, novels, Japanese books, french story books, etc. Just send them over and I'll do my part by passing it along when I am done. Magazines, fashion, or anything interesting.

8. Goodies for my IPOD! I recently got a new ipod touch. Pls help me to load it up with Songs, audio books, videos (very deprive of them). Gossip girl will be loved. I am willing to try any form of music, mixes. Accessories for it will be good too. Smartwrap, skin?

9. Something from my favourite brands. Fossil, topshop, ASOS, urban outfitters, miss selfridge. UK size 4/6.

10. Stuff my mailbox! Presents in the mail are even more exciting than those under the Christmas tree. Grant my wish by sending something over. It can be anything you would give. Books, food, handmade crafts, whatever you can think of. Surprise me! :D

Leave me a comment for or email me for add. Thanks in advance to all my Santas! SPREAD THE LOVE YA!
Can help with #7. I have a bunch of frequent flyer miles left over that could get you a free magazine subscription. Email me at and I can get you the list and we can coordinate your delivery address.

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I just saw that you're in Singapore...the magazines from this have to be shipped to a US address. If you decide to come to the States, please reach out to me and let me know and I'll have something shipped to you.
College tips
For undergrad--pick the school where you feel you fit in the best and is most affordable (best aid/scholarship/inexpensive living). The name matters more on a graduate or professional degree.

I would also recommend that you pick a school with a variety of major just in case you change your mind. I know a lot of people say that they know they won't change their minds, but stats show that isn't the case.

I've counseled high school students on undergrad admissions and interviewed undergrads for grad admissions. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.
What do you want to study? This would probably point you in a good direction as to where to go for undergrad research. Usually, the big state universities do lots of research, and you can look into different research institutions based on what you want to do, location, size, etc.

Like timtamfan wrote, definitely consider going to a university that has a large variety of majors/minors, so you'll be able to change your mind if you need to.

As for the SAT...if you go to, register, and take some of the practice quizzes. I know that I struggled with some of the math, because it was worded I'd definitely suggest getting in as much practice as possible. Also, if your school does "SAT word vocabulary," I would strongly suggest looking over words and their definitions.
(It's been three years since I've taken the SAT, but from what I remember, these were the big things that caught me.)

Good luck. :)
One of my favorite websites for college info is It's not only advice on where to go, but the whole application process and SAT tips and all that.

Also, the Princeton Review website, has a lot of good, well-organized information.

As far as the SATs, I recommend for the vocab section. I used it to study for the GRE and did well.

The single best advice I got for the SATs was to be confident when answering questions. I took quite a few practice tests aloud with a coach, and when I would say "Is the answer C?" she would tell me to state my answer rather than ask it. It sounds odd but it was really helpful. And process of elimination is always, always super helpful for standardized tests.
On college: obviously classes offered, quality of education and reputation are all important, but think about the type of school as well, because you're going to be spending most of the next several years of your life there and the best education on the planet is only going to be wasted on you if you're miserable.

Do you want to go to a big school? That means more resources and also more social variety. Or, you might prefer a smaller school, where the student-to-faculty ratio is likely to be much higher (and thus they have more time to spend with each student), and where you can get to know a lot more people.

What about environment -- do you want someplace urban, right in the middle of the city? There will always be something happening and you can get off campus very easily, but you probably won't have much of a campus. Suburban or rural schools are much nicer, physically speaking, but they're less connected to the outside world.

If you want more detail, just let me know by pm or e-mail! Speaking of which; I know you already offered to send me a postcard, and I'd love to send you something back; did you get my e-mail?
Hey sweetie! My name is Becky and I would love to help you out. My uni dreams got crushed horribly this year and I want to do everything I can to see other people get to go to their dream college.
Soooo...hit me up an email at mrsbeckygreenleaf @ (Take out the space!) I have at least three years of research in that department under my belt (LOL...I have like no life) and am sure I will be of some assistance. So send me your pressing questions, advice, etc.
In addition, I can also help you out with #8 but we may need to talk a bit more to find out what exactly you're looking for!
Hope to hear from you soon =D
Happy Holidays!!!!