Hello, and Happy Holidays!

I'm Lily, and am more than kind of late this year, but I figured I may as well post a list as I'm trying to grant so many. I'm pretty sure I've done this for four years now, am 19 years old, am going to a community college intending to major in Creative Writing, just recently celebrated a one-year anniversary with my awesome boyfriend, and am from Lafayette, California (yay NorCal.) Honestly, I feel like I had a HUGE wish granted already, because last week it looked like my family was going to be evicted from our duplex. Fortunately, we got everything straightened out and the future is looking a bit better.

My list is kind of spastic. Or, at least it seems like it to me.

1. Recommendations for weird books. Typically if I think a book sounds sort of odd or unusual, I'm pretty liable to pick it up. By this I mean books that are really surreal, have a bizarre plot device, maybe even had something you found kind of weird or disturbing in them. Basically, if you've ever finished a book and thought 'Man, that was a trip'? I'd probably want to read it.

2. Advice for recovering a broken hard drive. Definitely a long shot, I know. Last summer my hard drive stopped spinning, as I have been told, and there are a few things I would really, really want to recover from it. It's from a Dell Vostro 1500, and if anyone could point me in the right direction for somewhere to take it/what I could do I'd appreciate it. (I've been told it could take $1000+ to fix..?)

3. Somewhat related, musical soundtracks. I had a LOT of them on my hard drive that random friends/acquaintances sent to me, or gave me on a burned CD that is now scratched to pieces. There aren't really any musicals I hate, and I'd kinda prefer physical copies but digital is fine too. The only soundtracks I know I have on CD are Urinetown, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Wicked, Legally Blonde, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so I'm covered on all of those.

4. If you're an avid reader and have a ton of books lying around, join PaperBackSwap.com! It's pretty much awesome, fairly easy, and you can put your account on hold if need be. I joined it a few years ago because of someone on here, and really I just want to spread the word. If you do decide to join, please list me (my username's Eudial) as the person who referred you.

5. College advice because I still am not really decided on what school I'm transferring to. I'm looking for somewhere with a strong writing/creative writing program, in a fairly urban area, and a fun atmosphere is always nice. I'm pretty much open to suggestions, feel free to tell me about somewhere I may not have heard of or considered.

6. Halloween themed socks! I wear them year-round. :D My feet are like, US women's size 8, but apparently I still fit bigger sizes of kids' socks.

7. A Magic Bullet, because it looks pretty nifty and my current blender is older than I am.

8. Toffee. Homemade toffee would make me unreasonably happy, but also so would normal store-bought Almond Roca.

9. BART tickets, with any amount on them. My boyfriend lives in the San Jose area, and I have no car, so this is pretty much how I visit him. Maybe you were in the SF area and have a half-used ticket? Or just feel generous? I don't know. In any case, it would be greatly appreciated.

10. A paid account would be cool; I've gotten way out of the habit of regularly updating my journal and want to get back in the swing of things. Ngl, the extra icons would definitely be an incentive.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a charming holiday, if you aren't already. My address is
Lily Jones
PO Box 1774
Lafayette, CA 94549
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1. Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk.
10. I have a $10-off coupon left if you'd like it. That would bring the price down to $9.95 for a year.
I have the Rent soundtrack that I can upload somewhere for you. I think I also have Children of Eden. And some other various songs from musicals that aren't full soundtracks. Let me know if you would like them!

Also, as far as college advice, I am mildly addicted to collegeconfidential.com. I check out the grad school forums and granted, there are a lot of ivy league snobs (not to say that people who go to ivies are snobs, it just so happens that the people from ivies on this site are!) but there is also a lot of good information.
Oh I would definitely like those, also Rent was one of my aforementioned destroyed CDs.

Hmm, I've never heard of this site before, but I will definitely check it out.
Weird fiction
Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

A couple who own a failing carnival decide to experiment with drugs and other things while the wife is pregnant to "breed" their very own sideshow freaks.

Re: Weird fiction
Weeeird. I think I may have heard about this in passing as well. In any case, thanks!
Oh, weird books!

Sock, by Jill Penn. Really trippy, and amusing. And there is another one but I can't remember the author. It's called Three Bags Full.
For some reason I didn't see your comment until now! Weird. Haven't heard of either of those before, so thanks!
Fiction suggestions
Nearly anything by Tom Robbins (absurd fiction)
House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski (strange fiction/fantasy)
Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite (Serial Killer POV)
World War Z (Zombie Revolution)
Books of Blood by Clive Barker (Gore horror)
The Time Traveler's Wife (time jumps)
WeaveWorld, Imajica, Everville, The Great and Secret Show, Abarat all by Clive Barker (strange fantasy)
The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People by Wallace and Wallechinsky (reference book, very factual and fascinating - copyright 1981)
The Illuminitus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson
(unusual and weird)
H.P. Lovecraft - Cthulhu mythos

Hope this helps! I will try to think of more!
Re: Fiction suggestions
I didn't read Exquisite Corpse, but it was one of my favorite @squick! moments.

I was in charge of doing the staff recommendations back when I worked at a bookstore, so I was CONSTANTLY bugging my co-workers for their recommendations (one month I got so fed up I read 20 books on my own and reviewed them, but that's another tale.)

One of my co-workers was *juuuuuust* starting Exquisite Corpse and said he would recommed it, so I ordered copies. 3 weeks later I came to him for his review and he utterly panicked.

"But...but...but my MOM shops here!!"

I made him write it anyway. :)
Palimpsest by Cathrynne Valente. It's about a sexually transmitted city. Yes, I said city. Quite the to read
this is random and not much help, but you BART from Lafayette? How do you get to SJ? LOL. (I live in SJ. I know BART doesn't go here the entire way :) I'm guessing either he picks you up in Fremont or Millbrae or you Caltrain it down?)

No reason to know, just curious :) I will scour my house though to see if I happen to have any BART tickets floating around - I sometimes do!
Lol, yeah pretty much. If he's at home he'll pick me up from Fremont, otherwise if I'm visiting him at school (SJSU) I take an express bus from there. And the same in reverse for him. FUN STUFF.

Oh, cool, possible thanks in advance!
1. You'd probably really like Barbara Gowdy. Mister Sandman is one of my favorite books ever.
Hadn't heard of her before, (and now I'm not sure how I hadn't) but her books do sound really interesting. Thanks!
1. The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters v1 and v2 by Gordon(?) Dahlquist. What a ride! Non-stop adventure and fascinating Victorian mad science!

10. I see someone already sent the coupon. Yay!
For musical soundtracks, I have:

Les Miserables (Broadway highlights, so it's not complete)
Guys and Dolls
The Music Man
Avenue Q (OBC)
Sweeney Todd
West Side Story

Unless otherwise noted, they're the movie versions. Are there any you want, and can you do .rar files?
I'm pretty sure I can do .rar files, and Avenue Q, Sweeney Todd, and Chicago would be pretty awesome; somehow I'm actually not familiar with Les Mis' music at all, so even Broadway highlights would be cool too.
#1 Any books by Clive Barker - they are all weird, bizarre, incredible. The last one I read was Imajica
1. I may have heard that the Star Trek novel 'Killing Time' is like eating a cereal bowl full of crack. ;)

5. I would certainly love if you came to UNC-Chapel Hill! I know several people from California who attend my beloved school, and they do not regret the plane flights.
1. Ahahaha wow, I only read like the first third of that summary and it sounds pretty special. *takes note*

5. Yaay a school I haven't heard of.
1. Haruki Murakami in general, but especially Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Great stuff. I need to go read my copy again, actually!

Oh, and Neal Stephenson, but you've probably read his stuff already.

How do you feel about recs for comic books/graphic novels?

2. While I am not an IT person myself, I've picked up enough from my brother to suggest that this is probably not doable in a practical sense unless you really have $1000, nothing else to spend it on, enough of a financial cushion that you can justify not socking it away in a bank, and those files you're missing are truly, genuinely worth $1000 to you.

I'm sorry, that really sucks. :( What I would suggest doing is -- if you haven't done this already -- investing in an external hard drive. Try Amazon for the best prices, and get at least 200-300 GB if you can afford it (I was lucky enough to find a good deal for 500); Western Digital and Seagate are good brands, but I'm sure there are others, just make sure to look up reviews. Once you get it, make a habit of backing up all your files either manually or automatically on a regular basis.

It won't get you your files back, but at least it won't happen again!

3. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (revival), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (not sure which year, but the one with Nathan Lane), and My Fair Lady (original London Cast) -- I can upload any of those if you're interested, although I need to dig out my CDs and it may be after New Year's, if that's okay?

5. I'd recommend my school (Swarthmore, great place) which has a very strong English dept. in general, but the Creative Writing specialization is hella tough (I didn't get in, although I found another way to do a Creative Writing project thanks to a very awesome professor) and if you're dead set on that I'm not sure it's the best place for you. Still, it's an excellent school and I was happy there, so I figure I might as well mention it. More generally, I'm going to copy some advice I gave coasttocoast:

On college: obviously classes offered, quality of education and reputation are all important, but think about the type of school as well, because you're going to be spending most of the next several years of your life there and the best education on the planet is only going to be wasted on you if you're miserable.

Do you want to go to a big school? That means more resources and also more social variety. Or, you might prefer a smaller school, where the student-to-faculty ratio is likely to be much higher (and thus they have more time to spend with each student), and where you can get to know a lot more people.

What about environment -- do you want someplace urban, right in the middle of the city? There will always be something happening and you can get off campus very easily, but you probably won't have much of a campus. Suburban or rural schools are much nicer, physically speaking, but they're less connected to the outside world.
3. Have you heard of bwayrecordings? People in the group post musical cast recordings to download, and it's really easy to search the tags for shows you're looking for.

5. I just graduated from Pepperdine University, where my outside emphasis was in creative writing, and I loved it.