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Ahoy there! 30 years old, Australia, no money this year, so I am trying to ask for things that cost nothing but time - and I am trying to do the same thing or others.

1. Do you know any PhD students? Then please: DO NOT ASK THEM WHEN THEY WILL FINISH. In my experience (and I am currently living it!) the writing up is the hardest, and you push yourself, and push yourself, and still don't finish. Having people ask questions and have a show of incredulous disbelief that you are still there????? is not at all heartening!

2. For a number of years I have been trying to get this post up to the 5000 - and now the 10 000 mark. Please go make a comment! Comment to other peoples. Maybe I will get there in the next 10 years

3. Suggestions for non-mainstream musicals. I adore musicals and opera, and I am interested in things that don't only make it to broadway and westend. Particularly ones that have numerous female roles, and if there is a chorus, that they are not only on for less than 10 minutes in a 2 hours show.

4. If you feel like sending me a random gift, I am totally cool with that. Just message me and I shall respond :-)

5. I am a busy and stressed person.. but I have an artistic side too. What sort of artistic things do you do that can be set up and put away, and don't require a *huge* investment of funds? I really want to know!

6. Appreciate someone! I think we forget how important the little strokes are - well done, thankyou for doing that etc etc. Do it for a friend, do it for someone you work with. It can change a whole dynamic.

7. Next time you hear someone say something derogatory about someone else - whether because of their religion, their colour, because they are fat, or any of a other myriad of reasons, call them on it. I am a big believe that by saying nothing we are passively endorsing whatever it being said. This one is a huge call, but I think if we all did it, the world would be a nicer place.

8. If you were having the ultimate dinner party, what would your menu be? (recipes nice, but not mandatory :-). We have a dinner party group, and my mexican lunch was nice, but a lunch, not a dinner party (to quite my friends). I have until Feb to come up with my menu, but I want to wow everyone, and would love some ideas. There are no dietry restrictions (there is a lactose intolerant vegequarian coming, but I will make her her own dishes if it doesn't fit in with the main food).

9. Give a loved one a hug and tell that you love them. Do this *especially* if you don't do it all that often. I know that I love my family, but I don't think I always say it :-/

10. If you think we would get on, and if you like interacting, and would like another lj friends, add me! I miss the interactions that I used to have, and while I love the people I have there at the moment, I would be a fool to say no to new friends

And I think that is all! I wasn't intending to make such a long list.. but it is what it is :-)
I know! Thankyou.

And you too - I really enjoy seeing the word "timtam" in a user name too :-)
#1 - Good luck with the writing. Although I am not a Phd student, I think I understand how hard it can be

#9 - I have made sure to hug and say "I love you" to as many important to me people as I could
oh and #5 - Collages are great! You can cut things out of magazines one day, piece things together another day, and glue it on yet another day
sweeny_todd, your icon is awesome. HOORAY FOR SLIMEY THE WORM!

Also, I promise that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever ask PhD students when they will finish. (Ever.)
Slimy is so gorgeous, isn't he?!?!

And a heartfelt thankyou, from all the PhD students you are yet to meet ^_^
#5: As an artist (potter/sculptor) myself, sometimes I want to be creative without any added stress or cost. I choose ATC's- Artist Trading Cards!

They're easy to research on the web, but here's the rundown: Use cardstock of ANY kind cut to 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. (use anything- even playing cars, old postcards, plain paper... if you go to your art lab at college, they will have a scrap bin and paper cutter in there for making matboards. Use the cutter and scraps to make blanks!) ...then you decorate them. Draw, Scribble, glue stuff to it... anything. The options are endless.

The "rule" is that you always give away or trade an ATC, never sell them (of course people do anyway, but it's nicer the other way around!) and you will slowly build up a collection of other people's artwork as you trade and get gifts... and it is self-encouraging that way!

Here's a website to get you started: http://www.cedarseed.com/air/atc.html

If you send me your address in a PM, I will be happy to send you some blanks and a few tidbits of supplies, but really you can find scraps anywhere too!
Wow! That is something I had never heard of. And I like the idea - and the rule. And thankyou - I will message you my address now.
1. I know the feeling. People kept asking me when I'd be done or "You're still going to school?". It got to be annoying. But just know you're doing your thing in your time. Go you!

2. I'll go comment right after this.

5. I do Knifty Knitting, collage art and altered books. All of them are very inexpensive to do, clean up easy and don't take up a lot of room at all. And all you so much fun to do!

10. I'm going to add you to my LJ friends list!

Happy holidays to you!
i - I know!! It is so frustrating. Don't you think I would tell you if I knew??? People. Huh!

10 - well, I have added you!

may your holidays also be joyous :-)
#9 and #10 are granted!
I did #9 with my Dad and step-mother...today even! But we really don't say it enough, so I'm glad I did.

As for #10, your profile definitely made me think that we would get along!
I am glad - I know that I need to tell my parents and sisters that more often. I know that they know.. but I feel good, and they feel good, when I say it!

Hooray! I have added you back :-D
Happy Holidays to you!!! My name is Becky and I am here to grant as many of your wishes as I can. If you want spam, bb, I will spam the living daylights out of that post. NGL, I shall do it. =D
Also, I would love to help out with your ultimate dinner party. I know you asked for menu help etc but I am an *excellent* planner so if you want help planning anything: mrsbeckygreenleaf @ gmail.com.
And as for number one, people keep asking me that but it's only about life in general. Along the lines of "Are you studying/working/doing that? WHY?" and I'm all "Biatch plz, I don't ask you what you're doing with your life. PSHTT."
Happy Holidays to you and yours =D
Thankyou! I will email you as soon as I can get my head around what I want to do. Actually, I know what I want to do - wow my friends!

hope your holidays, and your new year have been wonderful :-)
I think I forgot to come back and say that I did #2... but I'm sure you've probably noticed by now.
3. Most of the musicals I like are fairly mainstream, so the only suggestion that comes to mind is "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." Some students at my college did it a few years ago, and it's hilarious!
Have a look at my LJ and see if you think we would make good LJ friends. We share some in common anyway. If you want to add me I will add you back :-)
Keating the musical is really good sorry i can't sugest more. And i promise to never ask that evil question