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It has been a few years since I last did this, but I wanted to try to do it this year. I really just want to throw out some great ideas for giving to help others.

1. Americans spend $450 billion on Christmas last year, according to the website Advent Conspiracy. $10 billion would solve the world's clean water problem. Advent Conspiracy suggests that we buy one less gift and give the money to the water distribution charity of our choice. My personal favorite is Blood:Water Mission because they started their project in an effort to combat AIDS in Africa (and it doesn't hurt that my favorite band, Jars of Clay, was instrumental in helping to start it). Giving to any water distribution charity would be great.

2. If you have $85 dollars (which I know most of us don't), or could find enough people to donate with you, you could provide a water filter for a family in Africa that could last up to 20 years.

Filters for Families this Christmas | Blood Water Mission

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Yes, it's Blood:Water Mission again. That's the only two for them, I promise.

3. Have an internet connection, and a few seconds? Then click here for free to give free mammograms. (You've probably already heard about the free click sites, but it never hurts to be reminded.)

4. And here for free to give food.

5. And here to provide free health care to children.

6. Also here to give books to promote literacy.

7. And here to help protect wildlife habitats.

8. Also here to help support animal shelters.

9. If you want a new pet, consider adopting an animal from a Humane Society or another animal shelter.

10. When you are walking past those Salvation Army ringers, stop and put in a dollar or two at least once.

I'm sure I could list more, but we are only allowed 10, so I've reached my limit. Happy holidays.
Do #10 whenever I have a few bills, their smiles always fill me with good feelings.
I always click those sites! My daughter nags me if I ever forget.

Our cat was a shelter kitty too - if you class the fact that his mother was less than a week from having him when my best friend adopted her, the day before she was due to be euthanased...so an in-utero shelter cat, I guess?
We also adopted a rescue dog last week too! She's an Australian Cattle Dog x whippet, and she came to us via ACD rescue. She was rescued from the pound by them and fostered and then her foster mum was so happy that she was coming to a good home she paid for the flight to get her to us, because she couldn't find anyone local to her to take her.

#1 -- I didn't hear about Advent Conspiracy until too late this year; but for what it's worth, I had contacted friends to pool our money for gifts for each other together this year to instead get an Oxfam Unwrapped gift ... we had so much pooled that we were able to afford a few gifts, and because I heard of Advent Conspiracy just before we placed the order, we did end up getting a water purifier as one of the gifts.

#3-8 -- Click regularly; linked on my userinfo. :-D

#10 -- I don't usually carry cash, but I make a point of carrying around spare dollars and change during the holiday season specifically for those ringers. :)
That's fantastic! Yeah, I didn't get the chance to really do the Advent Conspiracy this year, but I am hoping to next year.

Awesome! I should put the links on my user info...that's a great idea!
Thanks for the reminder for those charity sites..

I also put a bit of change in the Sally Army balls.. It surprises them when they try to give me a thank you cards & I say, no need, I have one already.. :) they glow even more with surprise..