I only want one thing....

If you received a gift, card, email, letter, trinket, whatever, from someone in this community, I want you to send them a thank you email, comment, something. Just something to let them know you didn't take them for a ride, and that you appreciate the time they took to look through your list and send you something. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be long, but please say it. Sometimes we get caught up in the excitement and forget to say thanks after receiving a gift. I know a lot of folx post a "thank you" in the wish list entry, but not afterwards, and I think that sometimes people might get their feelings hurt.

So, that's my Holiday Wish.
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I think that's an excellent idea. I intended to do just that, but rl has snuck up on me lately. I'd like to aske that everyone be understanding if someone you've fulfilled a wish for is a little slow in responding.
Thank you for posting this. I'm still wondering whether about 6 people received parcels from me. A few were overseas, so I don't know whether the box arrived, even! :(

I HAAAAATE having to ask people, "hey, did you get the package?" It makes me feel like a tool. :(
I'd rather know they got it.. I say something along the lines of.. "just wanted to make sure you got it and that it didn't get lost in the mail.."

If I fergot to say thank you, this is a gentle reminder & if someone gets pissy or offended, you know that they wont be on your wish-filling list next time around..

Plus, they many not have received it..
I totally agree with this...but sadly, you can't mandate good manners!
I sent out 28 packages, both domestic and overseas. Some folks were wonderful and sent thank yous via holiday_thanks or emails, a few sent actual thank you notes (VERY much appreciated), but many haven't even let me know they received their goodies.
I, too, am hoping that some packages are just late, thanks to the volume of holiday mail...and *that's* whats holding up the thanks.
(Also hoping that's why I haven't received most of what's been promised to me...)
THIIIIS. I have granted about the same amount of wishes. For anything larger than a card, I asked people to let me know that it arrived, and lots of people haven't even done that. I have received some very gracious thank-you messages, but the ones that didn't even get acknowledged make me sad. It also makes me sad when people promise things and don't deliver.

BUT! holiday_wishes has brought me way more joy than sadness, and I will continue granting wishes, acknowledged or not. :)
Me too.. Anything larger than a card, thanks are requested.. & I actually stated that in my wish list..

For larger stuff I have received, I have sent out the odd thank you notes as well.. I have one I have to send out now for a lady that sent me a homemade wish that cost $11 to send to me..
Do check the holiday_thanks community, as that's where many people post their thanks (myself included). :)
Thank you so much for posting this! I agree that it's discouraging to not know if your packages arrived. I sent out a bunch of stuff this year and a lot of it went overseas.

It's always tricky trying to decide if you should e-mail someone to ask if their package arrived in the post.

This was my first year in this community and out of all the packages I sent, only a couple said thank you. But even in Jesus' time people had problems with remembering to be thankful. Out of the ten lepers He healed, only one said thank you. So I suppose that means we're in good company. :)

But it's still nice to be thanked. :)
Thank you for this! I have posted all my thanks to holiday_thanks, and so I've granted your wish.

I admit, however, in my usual every day life sometimes I forget to say a separate thanks because I think I'll tell the person again later and forget. But in an anon gifting community like this, I do believe it's extra nice to say thanks. It's much more fun to keep granting wishes year after year when you know people appreciate it!
Thanks for posting this. I sent out a few cards and such which haven't been acknowledged yet. Most people have emailed me, or said something in their card or holiday_thanks, but I gotta wonder...
I usually get my mail from my PO Box about once every week or so, which is why there is sometimes a delay in my thanks. But I always make a point to thank each and every person individually in holiday_thanks because it's the least I can do.

I also actively read the thanks because I like seeing the happy posts. And several people did post thanks for the cards/gifts I sent but no where near the 35 or so cards that went out. It happens and life gets in the way to be sure but I agree with you that there should be MANY more thank you posts on the thank you community. Given the sheer number of wishlists and items going out, holiday_thanks should be full to bursting.

People who DO post thanks I think are definitely more in the spirit of the community and I like reading about people having a moment of happiness and appreciation for the generosity of the members here.

Anyway, long-winded way of saying I agree with you; thank you's are ALWAYS appreciated.

Have a beautiful holiday season.
I like this wish.. So many people forget the niceties.. For cards, I don't care so much but I send out many items that were more than just a card & I have not heard back.. It's.. frustrating..