If wishes and buts were a cluster of nuts...

Hello! I'm Caroline and I know it's the day after Christmas, but I primarily celebrate the New Year. :) I'm a week from being 20 years old but people either think I'm 30 or a middle schooler. Take that as you will!

10. This is more a gift for you but it means a lot to me: please sign up for your local Freecycle.org. It's where you can give and receive used items to keep them out of the landfill and keep things from collecting dust in your house. My sister furnished her whole apartment with used items from Freecycle and she highly recommends it along with me. :)

9. I would be so honored if you would make a small donation to one of the organizations I support: World Wildlife Foundation, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, the Humane Society, SPCA, Mercy Corps, your local women's shelter, the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, Lutheran World Relief, Save Darfur, Unite for Sight, Operation Smile, the Full Belly Project, or any other organization that supports health, human rights, animals, women, GLBTQ communities, the rainforest, or any other disadvantaged group that needs our help.

8. Please reduce, reuse, and recycle. Think about the environment every time you make a purchase, wrap a present, go for a drive, turn on the lights, or turn up the thermostat. There are easy ways to reduce your environmental impact. This world isn't ours for the taking, we're here to share it.

7. This is really important. Please get your H1N1 vaccine, or at least wash your hands like crazy. A beautiful, previously healthy girl from my dormitory died from the H1N1 flu two weeks ago after nearly a month in the hospital on life-support. It was an unbelievable tragedy for everyone and I don't want to see it happen to anyone else.

As for material items, I would love:

6. Any nerdy Star Trek items, fanfiction, or fanart. I just recently fell into this fandom and I adore it, especially the new movie and The Original Series. Why yes, I will play with your unwanted action figures! My favorite characters are Kirk, Spock, and McCoy but I love them all.

5. Anything that could help me learn Japanese. Do you have any partially-or-entirely-Japanese manga at your house that you never read anymore? A Japanese-English dictionary? I am planning to go to Japan this summer and I really want my Japanese to be as good as possible.

4. I would love a surprise. Did you receive anything for Christmas that you don't want or can't use? I bet I could find a great use for it. :D

3. Earrings! I love to wear beautiful and random earrings, especially if they are somewhat small in size. I don't mind if they're used or if they've been a box for a million years; I'll wash them. :)

2. Any University of North Carolina gear. I love that school and the color of Carolina blue. I wear a size medium in girly shirts and probably a size small in men's shirts, but I'll adore even bumper stickers or little Tar Heel feet keychains or anything.

1. A picture, song, video, or story that REALLY makes you laugh. I collect all kinds of hilarious photos because then I can never have a sad day. It's pretty easy to make me laugh! Here, you can have one now too.

Those are my wishes. My email address is tina eat your food at gmail dot com (with no spaces). Please have a wonderful, safe holiday season!
Hey am doing everything late ~_~ so uhm... am sending you an email, impsreprieve at YAHOO dot com

and am sorry to everyone that thought i'd be timely ~_~ i just ended up with a bit more work on my plate than i anticipated... tehe what can i say about retail ~_~
If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts...we'd all have a bowl of granola!

I love you, I honestly do. XD
I might be able to draw you something ST related since you basically win by having a Strangers With Candy quote in your title and a Trek icon. XDD
Oh yay, someone who also loves SWC! :D I just checked out your profile and I think we should be friends forever. Our combined Trek-Colbert-Stewart-Anderson Cooper-yaoi love can know no bounds! I also believe I've seen you (or at least your icon!) around on ontd_startrek. :)

Please let me know if you do draw something; I'm sure I'll love it. OMG, perhaps you could be the first person ever to draw a Strangers With Candy/Star Trek slashy crossover!
yaaaay friend forever! XD
I actually haven't really posted on ontd_startrek much yet. XD I mostly just lurk and steal pictures and downloads for now. XD

I've actually seen like two Star Trek macros with SWC quotes on them. XD I should show them/send them to you. XD
I got my h1n1 vaccine, and I've made the literature available to anyone who was unsure if they should get the vaccine or not.
I currently am doing as much as I can when it comes to recycling and etc. I donate all used items to a church that gives items away. I buy as much as I can in recyclable materials, and things with less packaging.
So much love for wish 8! I save electricity as well as recycle and re-use everything I can. I managed to survive the Christmas without buying any new wrapping paper! Instead I (and my family) used paper that was saved from previous christmases, or pretty newspaper pages.

Also, I took the H1N1 vaccine and urged my friends to get one as well.

Excellent! Thank you. I was so happy when my family reused old newspaper to wrap smaller gifts this year, and then saved all of the salvageable paper for next year. :D
9. I donate monthly to Amnesty International.

8. I try to live as ecologically as I can. I don't buy stuff I don't really need, I recycle anything and everything I can, I turn the lights off when I leave a room, I don't leave the tv etc on power save mode - I switch the power completely off, I don't eat meat every day even though I'm not a vegetarian and so on and so on.

7. Done! :)

5. Have you tried livemocha.com?

1. http://www.explosm.net/comics/1896/
Thank you so much for all of these! :D I also am not a vegetarian, but I stopped eating beef a few years ago. It was a fairly easy lifestyle change that I know has a lot of impact, and I still eat other kinds of meat, especially if they were ethically and humanely produced.
You're welcome :)

I'm trying to start eating more tofu and seitan for proteins as soon as someone teaches me how to prepare them so they're tasty. Actually I'm thinking about starting to not eat meat unless it's ethically produced because the animals suffer so much in intensive livestock farming. It's really disgusting how they're treated. I'm not sure if I can make that change yet though, being a student with very little money, but atm I'm eating meat maybe two times a week so not so very many animals suffer because of me. I'll do all I can though, I'm not using that as an excuse. Usually when there's a will, there's a way. Of course I know about the ecological point of view too - the raising of livestock taking up so much natural resources - so even if I could afford eating ethically produced meat every day, I wouldn't do it.
I know an easy tofu recipe that I think is delicious! Just mix soy sauce with vegetable oil and heat it up on the stove in a big pan. Then cut up the tofu into little cubes and fry it in the soy sauce/oil. You can make it crispy or not; either way is really delicious.
Thanks :) I've got a friend who's promised to teach me how to prepare tofu and seitan but this'll get me started! :)
The only thing you need to remember about tofu is that it's basically a sponge for other flavours...so you can basically do whatever you want with it as long as you've flavoured it well!
A bit of marinade makes slices or cubes of tofu yummy.
And some garlic and italian spices mixed up with mashed tofu makes a perfect pasta sauce base!
10 - Freecycle is the best! I'm in the middle of bagging up my daughter's gently used outgrown stuff to list.
9 - I scored a heap of perfume I won't wear for Christmas, so I'm dropping it off to the closest women's shelter by me. It's not an essential, but a little bit of indulgence is good for people, especially when they're stressed, right?
8 - I recycle etc anyway, but I think he biggest thing I do is pay extra on my electricity bill so that all our household power is carbon neutral. Pluss we don't have a car, so all travel is on foot, on bikes, or via public transport. I can access all of these things easily, so I see no need for me to have a car at all.
7 - H1N1 jabs all done!
3 - I would love to make you some earrings. Gold or silver? Bead colours?
Oh my, how lovely! Thank you very much for all of these things. I hope to live in a modern city as an adult with no need to buy a car and so far my plan is working.

3: Wow, anything would be great! If you're looking to narrow it down: I tend to wear silver more often than gold, and I believe I am allergic to the nickel often found in earring metals. I love colorful beads in simplistic styles. I frequently wear Carolina blue, dark brown, white, pink, and various other colors of clothing. Would you like to email me for my address? I may not be able to respond immediately as my family is about to go on vacation, but I promise I will respond eventually! Thank you again!
I can do that...or maybe even better would be for you to email me your details along with a cut and paste of the earring details to katewoolard at hotmail dot com...just so I can work through my to do list a little more easily.

Oh! I also forgot to add earler that on the charity front, I'm making baby blankets for Save the Children's Knit One, Save One project - it's amazing that an 80cm x 80cm knitted blanket can be something that can keep an otherwise healthy but low birthweight baby warm enough to keep them alive!
Thank you, just sent the email. :)

Awww, that is so sweet! I have helped make baby blankets before and it's a joyful experience. <3
I'm so sorry...I accidentally deleted it from my junk folder. It was right above another "No subject" email that was trying to sell Viagra or something similar.

If you could send it again with Holiday Wishes in the topic? (Again, I'm sorry)
#7 I have my N1H1.. I'm in that high risk category that got 'em first, so I've got it, plus the seasonal one as well.. :)

#10 & 8 I was part of the freecycle community when I lived in a house in the 'burbs & it was awesome.. but now, I'm in an apartment in the city and it's difficult to do.. Between my health issues & the inconsiderate nature of many of those in the city, it just became not-doable anymore.. I do however, donate what I would have freeecyced to charity, so that it does not go into landfill. We are environmentally concious here in our apartment :)