I intentionally set aside a few random things I know people ask for when I moved. Now to find what I did with holiday cards. :)
Been checking this comm since November 1st!
Cannot wait for the opening. ♥
thank you for the offer, but we're currently set. If something unusual happens requiring us to bring help in midway through, we will post a special notice.
About my post
Hi I would just like to inform you. I just looked at my post and I realized something I didn't want on my list was there when I looked at my post.

So is it okay that I changed # 5 that use to be magnets to holiday cards?
Hi, I just accidentally submitted my holiday wish list. Could you please delete it? I apologize for the inconvenience. I was in the middle of feeding my nephew as I was perfecting it and getting ready to do everything else required and it was sent into the mod que.

Happy Holidays to you. I appreciate the hard work it takes to put together this community.

Edit: Thank you! I see it was rejected for the precise thing I was needing to change.

Edited at 2010-11-17 03:39 am (UTC)