Get Ready...! (but first, the Rules and Guidelines)

The Holiday Wishes community will open for posting Tomorrow, Monday, November 15th!  Before the big flurry of posts begin, we'd like to remind everyone of the community purpose and ground rules...

The spirit of the Holiday Wishes meme is for everyone to put their hearts' desires out there, to wish for anything they could possibly want, no strings attached.  The history of how it all started can be read here.

Since we are collecting all of these lists in a single forum, we do want to keep things as fair to everyone as possible. For that, we do ask that you follow a few simple rules.  These are outline below; the community wiki also has the complete rules and posting guidelines in greater detail.  Everyone who posts their wish list to this community is responsible for following these rules.

When you post a wishlist, we ask...
  • That you post your wishlist once, and only once. We are adopting a no-tolerance policy for this this year, but will do our best to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • That you keep your lists limited to 10 wishes.
  • That you do not add items to your wishlist as wishes are granted.
  • That you only include one external wishlist (i.e. Amazon) and no more than 3 types of giftcards. It's not necessary to include these as wishes, but if you do, that is the maximum.
  • That you tag your wishlist, at minimum, with your country or continent, and preferably with the types of items that you're wishing for.
  • That you do not use a cut-tag (strange but true!  they make it harder for wish-givers to browse the lists)
  • That for your safety, you do not post a home mailing address.   Although we will allow adults to include their home address if they choose to, we encourage you to use a P.O. Box address or to leave your e-mail address and only provide a mailing address upon request via private email to those you are comfortable giving it to.
When you want to grant a wish, we ask...
  • That you bookmark the wishlist of the person who's wish you're granting. That way you won't forget who wanted the last Coldplay CD, or who asked for the Battlestar Galactica icons.
  • That, when mailing something through the postal service, you include some sort of identifying information with your package or card (LJ username or e-mail address) so the recipient can thank you (unless you're trying to remain anonymous).
When you receive a gift, we ask...
  • That you thank the person who gave it to you directly (via e-mail or commenting on their wishlist, or their journal), and if you wish (or if the gift was anonymous) thank them publicly on an open thread or on holiday_thanks (but please remember that not everyone watches that community, so the person who sent you the gift might not receive the Thank You.)
  • That you consider granting a wish in return and spread the love!

And finally, if a moderator asks you to edit your post please listen to them. We don't want to be dictators, but we would like to keep the peace!

If you have any problems, would like to report a problem with another community member, see a rules violation on a wishlist (i.e. someone who edited their post to include more than 10 items, or 2 wishlists that appear to be posted by the same person), please use the links on the right side of this community or contact a moderator through an open thread or e-mailing us at wishlist.project (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your moderators,

bookaddict88, the_brass_ring, outoftime, kindergoth, alchemia
Pretty much anything is allowed in the "can" category, including miracles; but check the "rules" link provided in the main text for specifics.
I'm very excited! Last year was my first time posting and I must have missed these rules, so I'm really glad for this refresher!
Have members had problems with giving out their address? I just wondered, because the "don't give out your address" rule seems to be a new one? :O
I'm so excited to start sending out presents again! *shakes with excitement* This is easily my favorite community on LiveJournal.
I'm very excited for this and I hope I can find some wishes to grant this year. Last year, I received a gorgeous pair of Doc Marten boots that have been my best friends in the world and have since been dubbed as "my lucky boots". I also made a new friend in the process! :D
I hope that this year the levels of solicitations in comments is lower. Last year was better than the previous year, but still not great.

I appreciate all the hard work the moderators of this community put into it each year. Thank you!
I see in the rules section that solicitations in comments are verboten, and will be frozen/deleted by the mods if they catch it.
I agree with this comment it was getting to the point I took HW off my friends list because I didn't want to see soliciting again, it turned me off!

Love this community though...
Thanks for all the work this year, @alchemia - I love this comm and know how much work it takes to keep it afloat! I'm starting to answer wishes now (will post when I get my act together ;>).

Yell if you need help of any sort!

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Can't wait to start this year's list!! Just one question: I always try to include at least one wish for people to donate to charity. I'm not picky which charity as long as it's legit, although there are several that are close to my heart. So:

1) Rules say no "unintentional multiple wishes." If I say, for example, "A donation to a charity such as DonorsChoose, BC/EFA, the Humane Society, or Smile Train," is that considered multiple wishes, or is it understood that I'm offering examples of the charities I, personally, am close to?

2) I occasionally make my charity wish as a post in my LJ, listing the charities I support and providing links or small synopses so people know that, for example, when they donate to BC/EFA they're supporting HIV/AIDS research. If I provided a link to this year's charity list in my LJ, would it be considered an external wishlist, or would it be understood, again, as "these are the charities I'm close to, any donation is a good donation but if you're not sure where to start . . . "?
i'd have to see the actual wording, but i think it should be fine, so go ahead and submit it; In the case of charities, we'll judge it against the rules more leniently.
Awesome, thanks! And thanks to all of you for all you do every year! This is the highlight of my holiday season.
Because I feed on questions apparently
I just found out my parents decided, before I told them I wanted an mp3 player, that they were getting me one for Christmas (apparently "I need a bigger computer because I can't fit all my music on this one" got through where "please? Generic ones cost less than the way-overpriced sweater you got me last year that I have never worn" didn't). I have an mp3 player on my list because I assumed my mother would never get me one. Is it okay if I swap it out for something else, since nobody has said they're filling that wish yet?
Re: Because I feed on questions apparently
Nope, sorry. We have to be strict on that, because we can't control whether people are deleting comments, etc.

However, feel free to note that you've had the wish fulfilled, if you want to make sure you don't get another one!
Could one of the mods please make a post telling people to NOT list nail polish as a wishable item? The postal service will NOT mail nail polish, as it is flammable. I know, I tried it last year and got yelled at.

As far as I know, you have to be a commercial retailer in order to ship flammable materials. So far, I've seen several dozen people asking for it this year.
thank you for bringing this to our attention.... I'll discuss with the other mods the best way to address this for those that wished for it.
We will certainly make a warning at least; I do not know if a complete ban is necessary since people in other countries may be able to ship it within their countries. and both now have a Universal Wish List option, so you only need to make one wish list now anyway. I've put all my "wishes" from other websites onto my wishlist.
I think I've basically decided I don't care and I'm not going to mess with it, but it probably should be asked either way, in case someone else wonders.

Can more than one Amazon list be linked to? Like Amazon US and Amazon UK?

I cleverly thought "well maybe the universal wishlist will handle this!" but then you can't have Amazon manage your address for the other site.

Really the only reason an Amazon list is any good to me in the first place is because people can mail me things without me giving them my address.
Probably not, but I'm sent your question to the mod group for discussion.

In the meantime, one possible work around for you would be to paste a link to your second list in the "about me" part of your profile for your first list; when you post the link to your first list in your wish list, make a note informing people to read your profile for links to your other amazon lists. The link to the lists in your profile won't be clickable, but can be copied and pasted.

Not the easiest I know, but I do use this method on my own wishlist to link people to my LibraryThing account so that if they want to give me a complete surprise that is not on my wishlist, they can make sure I don't already have a copy of the book they are thinking of.

Edited at 2010-12-18 11:13 pm (UTC)
I skipped it and just did the one list. There're only a few things on my UK list anyway, and I doubt anyone would get me any of them.

Amazon will now let you do multiple lists as well, I believe... I think I've seen some people who were like "here is my book wishlist, and here is my movie wishlist, and here is my video game wishlist" etc.

I only have one type of thing on my list so I didn't mess with it at all.