Nina from PA!

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'm Ninalyn, a 22-year-old theatre major from Pennsylvania, back for my fourth(!) year of holiday_wishes! It's the highlight of my year, particularly because my family all lives out of state, so this pretty much is my Christmas, and being pretty much the grown-up, female version of Kevin from Home Alone, six weeks of Christmas is absolutely AWESOME to me. All I want for Christmas is:

1) Donate to charity. I won't say you have to pick one I know (hey, if there's a local soup kitchen you know needs a hand, I'm totally down with it), but the ones particularly close to my heart are BC/EFA (HIV/AIDS research), Susan G. Komen (breast cancer research), the Humane Society/ASPCA (care for abused animals), DonorsChoose (improving underfunded classrooms--I have a particular soft spot for English and the arts, so if you pick DonorsChoose, can you pick a literary/fine arts project?), Big Brothers Big Sisters (mentor program for at-risk children), your local food bank, those red-kettle Salvation Army baskets with the bell ringers, and Smile Train (providing restorative surgery for children born with cleft palate in third-world countries). Donating includes time! If you've got a story about reading to kids during story hour at your library or volunteering at an AA meeting, I'd love to hear it.

2) Thank your seniors. It's their Christmas too. I was blessed in my first year of college (and part of my second) to work with a wonderful 94-year-old woman named Mrs. Druckemiller who was to me in that year like the grandmother I lost too soon. Many seniors in nursing homes get few, if any, visits from family--Mrs. D.'s family visited maybe six times a year because of distance and jobs, and it never failed to brighten her day when someone stopped in to visit. Call your local nursing home and ask if they have a social hour or visitor's night, and go make some friends. The stories our elderly can share are funny, heartwarming, and full of experience, and most of them love having someone to talk to. I'd love to hear stories from anyone who volunteers. Don't be afraid to volunteer because you think you're "too young"--my time with Mrs. D. included a woman named Angela, who caught me reading a Stephen King book and promptly shared with me a story about reading Dracula with one of her friends during a sleepover as kids (which, in her childhood, would have been considered "racy" for a young girl). They were young too once!

3) Gift Christmas to an Angel Tree kid. I was an Angel Tree kid, and for several years my Christmas was given to me by strangers. You can find Angel Trees just about anywhere, but two great places to look are your local bank and the mall (if you can't find an Angel Tree, Toys for Tots is a similar program). Be Santa for a child in need and pay it forward--it always feels good.

4) Please help me with my personal project, Christmas for my friend's son Brayden. Bray is five and money is beyond tight for his family this year. I've spent several years giving away my childhood "this is still in the box I can sell it or gift it" toys here on holiday_wishes and at the local thrift store and don't know that I have much of anything left that a five-year-old boy would have a use for. If you think you do, it'd be much appreciated.

And the selfish stuff on the list . . .

5) Cards. I live in a dorm, and I love to decorate with holiday cards from all over the world! My dorm is also semi-communal (and my floor is very social, so we often have our doors open), and my roommate and I love the compliments we get on our holiday decorations. We'd love to have cards to hang on our walls!

6) Tea. My favourite is Stash Holiday Chai, but I'm also a huge fan of orange-flavoured, mint, and black teas--or send me a bag of your favourite to try! (I can't drink Earl Grey because it makes me sick, but pretty much anything else goes.) Last year introduced me to the absolute wonder that is mango tea; I'm eager to see what this year might bring!**

**If anybody lives in the Seattle area, I absolutely adore the MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange signature blend from the Pike Place Market and would love beyond measure anybody who could send me a pack, or even part of a pack. I got the ten-bag sample when I was out that way last Christmas and have been desperately trying to make it last by reusing the bags and not drinking it very often.

7) Anything Adam Lambert. I'm not going to be picky on this one because I know band merch can be expensive, but if you have money you don't mind spending . . . the only thing I have is his CD and I am a sad little Glambert who wants to proclaim her love. If you want to be a total Christmas angel, I'm making a special request for this shirt from Hot Topic (I'm a medium but prefer a large for comfort), but really, anything works. And as usual, I don't mind if it's used--if you find that $60 concert hoodie in gently-used condition on eBay for $15 or you know someone who decided they really didn't need all three shirts from the venue, I'm cool with it. (sidenote: if you're a Glambert and want to friend me, I'm totally down with that.)

8) An mp3 player. I don't care if it's generic/used as long as it works. I'd prefer one that holds at least two hours' worth of music (I have no idea how these things are measured because I've never owned one), but anything works. Thank you to senseless_ilium! I'm looking for earbuds now!

9) A webcam/mic. My family is all out of state, as previously mentioned, and I have no phone (not to mention the bills would be outrageous even if I did). My old computer had a built-in mic, but this one doesn't, so I kinda need one. An inexpensive/secondhand webcam/mic is totally cool as long as it works, I'm not picky. Thank you to keptwench for the webcam!

10) Crazy socks. I LOVE weird socks, and my supply is incredibly scanty (read on). This is a double-wish in the sense that not only do I want socks, I kind of desperately need them; we have a communal washer and dryer in my dorm, and some clown stole most of my socks--not just my crazy socks, all of my socks, including the pairs so old I don't know why you'd even want them--at the beginning of this year (I started the year with twelve pairs of socks; I now have three, plus two socks that are completely mismatched from each other, and all of them except the black fish-tank socks disappeared in the same load). My absolute dream pair of socks are these, but any crazy socks are totally awesome. (Just in case anybody planned on asking: yes, toe socks are cool.)

That's it! I hope I can fill things for you guys this year, even if it's just fanfic or music recs. ♥

You can catch me in comments here or at my e-mail: technicolor_nina[at] is where you'll find me.
I will make a donation to my local homeless shelter.

I can send you a card.

Please email me at

Subject holiday wishes and could you please place your holiday wishes list link and what I am giving you. This will make things easier.

Happy holidays!
I can send you a card, and some tea you might like! Our tastes are similar ;)
Could you email me at s.zollet[at]hotmail[dot]it, please?
I'll be donating to Susan G. Komen over the holidays :)

I'll also send you a card! Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your address in the body!
Nice to see another Adam Lambert fan ;)

I can do a couple of these.

Could you please email me at with your address and a link to your wishlist?
I'd be happy to send you a card and some tea and I might have something a 5 year old boy might like. Please email your address to
can you email your address to i can send you some tea.
Send me you address at effgeevee [at] I have plenty of tea to share.
What size shirt are you? I made myself an Adam shirt for the season eight finale and I still have the design, an anime chibi version of him with "TEAM GLAMBERT" in rainbow letters, and a bunch of iron on sheets. I can purchase a plain white unisex t-shirt and can make you one. You'll get a holiday card too (though I'm noting here that it's a non-denominational card based off of my current fandom, Muse, if you are okay with that)!
Wait, you put your size there *facepalm*. Well, email me your address at ichigoberry15 at gmail dot com!
I would be more than happy to send you a card, just drop me your address in a PM or email me at:
I am a lifeguard, first aid, CPR and water safety instructor for the American Red Cross, and I'm also a council trainer for my local Girl Scout council, training leaders on the Girl Scout program and outdoor skills, pretty much anything. :) And it's not really volunteering, but I'm going to sit for my mammography board exam as soon as I can get it scheduled -- which means I've done a whole lot of studying on breast anatomy, breast cancer and diseases, mammogram positioning, etc. as well as performed 100 mammograms.
This is awesome to hear!! And as an Adult Girl Scout, hearing you're a trainer makes me INSANELY happy (the only reason I want my own house is so I can lead a local troop; we're sadly short on leaders).

Thank you so much for sharing! God will bless you for touching so many lives. ♥♥♥
3) Gift Christmas to an Angel Tree kid.
My church is donating gifts to kids from the Homeless Children's Network again this year; it's my favorite drive. This year I bought a starter skateboard (and gift card for a helmet!) for a six-year-old and some paints, markers, and pair of purple Keds for a ten-year-old whose favorite color is purple, like mine! They're being shipped soon, and you can consider that one of them (the "extra" one I added) is from you. :)