It's that most wonderful time of the year....

Hey all, this is my- ... I'm not actually sure. Fourth? Fifth year doing Holiday Wishes? I'm a 27 year old living in central Maryland with my very fluffy white dog, my probably-has-Siamese-in-there-somewhere cat, and my very large, mostly white pony. I'm also a NaNoWriMo-er, a renaissance faire enthusiast (I hesitate to say rennie since I don't actually travel around to many of them), and a draft horse rescue volunteer.

I tell my family every year that, "I don't need more stuff!" so I'm keeping that in mind as I make this wishlist. :)

o1. If you've got even an extra dollar or two, please consider donating to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. They rescue draft horses from slaughter and neglect and retrain them to be pleasure riding horses for their new homes. Winter is a really hard time for horse rescue in general as less people are willing to take on a new horse and hay becomes more expensive.

o2. If you're in the Howard County, MD area and you have any horse experience, please consider volunteering at Gentle Giants! Volunteers are always greatly appreciated as there's always more work that needs to be done on a horse farm.

o3. Some Kings fanfiction (moar Jack plzkthx since I play prince_playboy from time to time) would be lovely.

o4. On that note, if someone who's seen trickster_loki around wanted to write some fic featuring him for me, that would be lovely too. :)

o5. Of course, anything from my Etsy wishlist would be appreciated. Please email me ( anaili [at] gmail [dot] com ) for addressing information.

o6. Short snippets of original fiction (drabbles!) would be neat. I especially love things that meld the fantastic with the every day (Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman are two of my favorite authors so you might be able to guess that, yes?).

o7. Icons made especially for me I'd love. My interests lists and current icons might be good places to start? There isn't anything in specific I'm thinking I'd want, but I do like to change up the icons I use.

o8. Give a book to someone. Not me, I have gobs. But to someone who wouldn't buy it for themselves but you think might enjoy the story.

o9. If you've been thinking about getting a pet, please check out your local animal shelter. There are lots of wonderful animals just waiting for a home. My girl, Inari (the white fluffy dog) came from one such place.

1o. This is something my mom asked me for for Christmas and I figure it's something everybody could do. Do something for someone you care about when they ask you to do it. No whining, no complaining, even if it isn't something you enjoy [I dread a long day of shopping, for instance], just go and enjoy being in that person's company. They'll appreciate it. :)
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Hi, I've approved your list, but you may want to fix your html :)
Not sure if you ever get to Baltimore, but check out - they are giving away books every weekend. I also do a semi-regular book-swap with my friends and the remainders go to the Book Thing. :)

Not exactly a wish fulfillment from me, but I wanted to show you that you have the right idea.
Whichever you feel more comfortable with? My email's in my post up there. :)
I was going to include Gentle Giants in my list (and still am); I'm so happy someone else has.