Oooh it's Christmas again. And I'm graduating high school already. Time flies so fast! Make my life complete this yuletide season by fulfilling my simple wishes. :D

1. Post cards/stamps by snail mail. Notwithstanding your country, for once in my life, I'd love to receive lovely postcards/letters from people abroad. Through this, I can win a friend.
2. Classic books. Genre: romantic, fluff, light.
3. Rec a good Yunjae/yoosu fic. Cannot find good ones in LJ, idk im such a bad searcher. Help me look for great ones? Complete pls!
4. Online friends. My interests include TVXQ, Gossip Girl, Glee, Life Unexpected, Pretty Little Liars, Classic Hollywood and many more. :)
5. Cute metal/silver/gold pendants and bracelets. Clothes for college.
6. paypal money. To purchase items in my wishlist for a long time online *___* squee
7. cool alarm clock. because I wake up late for school all the time
8. Hardbound, creatively-done 2011 planner!
9. Surprise me!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu. and Godspeed.
Where would one send a postcard? Email me your address- kitty.stryker.list@gmail.com
Would love to send you a card! :3 email me your address here: lunarfairy.kitten@gmail.com
I would like to send you something, please email me: endoplastic at gmail dot com with 'LJ Holiday Wishes' as the subject!
Hi! I'd be happy to send something your way. Please can you e-mail me your address? My e-mail is ejcod@hotmail.com
I would gladly send you some postcards from Sweden if you want to :)
You can send your adress here: dreamoutloud@live.se if you want to :)