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1. To feel better.... Bugland and I have both had a bad year with health. Being sick and in pain sucks; having that cut into things you enjoy makes it twice as bad. I'd like the next year to see an improvement in our health and getting back to the things we miss. There is no point in wishing for various supplies for our hobbies, unless we regain some of our health and can actually do those hobbies.

2. More 'classic' 4th/5th year Snarry Fic. Any ratings, but due to this not being an adult com, and the tendancy for fic writers to write higher ratings, please do not post links here; please come post any links to my journal.

3. Our cat, Gaia, was just diagnosed with kidney disease. She's up there in age, and it can't be cured, but here is wishing that we can manage it so she doesn't suffer, that i can be more patient with her even when she takes a piss on my shoes, and that she has an easy death when that time comes.

4. People to click on this link, frequently, and to pass it around: http://fithfath.com/help.html There are ads on the page (mostly paid by exposure, not clicks, so don't click unless they interest you). There is also a link to my store that sells some art, ABJD-accessories and bird/rat toys I have made. It doesn't pull in much, but it does make a difference.

5. Legal Advice on Website Service: I am working on some online software for animal registrations/pedigrees. As I can't afford to hire someone to put together a Terms-of-Service contract, I did my best from looking at other sites (I am assuming having something is better than nothing, or am I wrong?) I would appreciate some lawyer(s) or others familiar with online law and TOS-contracts to look over what I have. I'd like any feedback on it, such as if I've forgot to cover soemthing, or if anything is worded in a way that could cause a problem, that kind of thing. As the site/software is still in beta, I am not posting the link here; if you can help me with this gift, I will send you a link to it by email or private message.

6. Book Publishing: I don't suppose anyone here is (or knows someone who is) involved with the commercial publishing of pet care books? I have it in my to-do pile to send this book off to a list of publishers, where it will no doubt get lost under a stack of other submissions... so if anyone could give me the chance to bypass all that, especially since I am really insecure about self-promotion, i'd be very happy. I think the book would fall under pet bird behaviour/training, but it's also sort-of a toy/game/picture book thing (illustrations are done)... There's nothing on the market like it, so I don't know what exactly to call it. Please only real commercial publishers, no self-publishing deals.

7. Pets / My Amazon list. The amazon link just seems easiest for everyone, but I'd really like to encourage more people to use local indepentant stores. I will manually remove items from the amazon list; the likelyhood of getting duplicates is pretty low, but if it were to happen, I could always "trade" a duplicate with bookmooch and enjoy the results of bookcrossings.  My list has books, but also stuff for my rescued African grey parrot, Argyle, on it, for whom, after much going to-and-fro about including the Amazon list or not, I decided to (If that counts as two, consider this number 8.  *s*)

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thats ok; I found myself in a similar situation last year. i appreciate the thought :-)
Rather than sending your book off to publishers who accept unsolicited submissions (and very few do), you should start by looking for an agent who represents that kind of nonfiction. Agents know editors and their tastes are are much better able to negotiate deals, and editors take agented submissions much more seriously. Check out other pet care books and see if any authors thank their agents in the acknowlegements and hit Google for nonfiction agents; maybe start with Kate Epstein"? Let me know if you have any general publishing questions!
Articles I read at Writers' Market led me to the conclusion that this kind of book was more like children's books, less agents involved. But I'll certainly look into agents if that conclusion proves wrong. Maybe I should have said publishers/or/agents? Despite my reading as much as I could, I still find it very intimidating and confusing (self promotion, establishing a business relationship, etc- are far more scary/depressing to me then getting a rejection slip)
I tweeted the link to your MSD necklaces, I am also a BJD collector and have many friends who are as well :)
For #5: The Dreamwidth Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were both heavily adapted from Creative Commons-licensed ones developed by Automattic, by Real Lawyers, and modified by Yrs Trly, who has about eight years of specializing in internet law. (I am not a lawyer, but I have been playing one on the internet for so long that actual lawyers usually tell me they don't have anything to add.)

This means that you can use both of those documents (adapting them to fit your website, of course) freely, as long as you include those last provisions -- something like "This privacy policy is based on one developed by Automattic (http://automattic.com/privacy/) and adapted by Dreamwidth Studios (http://www.dreamwidth.org/legal/privacy) . It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License."

Feel free to PM me or to drop me an email (rahaeli @ livejournal dot com) and I'm happy to do a direct analysis.

(Also, I just clicked on the link you gave in #4 and noticed you have Ehlers-Danlos -- I do too! If you ever want somebody to brainstorm with about ways to find other medications, etc, that would be cheaper, stuff to ask your doctor about I mean, just let me know that too.)

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Thank you! I'll send you a link in a bit.
Actually, I did use DW's TOS as a base :-) I love the way they do things, so I looked at theirs (and also yahoo, google, wikipedia, and various bioinfomatic sites. DW's still seemed to cover things the best, but the service is quite different from DW's, so the TOS needs adjustment; I did that, but I'm not sure if I did it right.
Thanks for the address update. Ours hasn't changed, btw. :)