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I love this community, and I'm so glad it's that time of year again. This is... god, my fourth or fifth year participating? I confess: I've lost track. I don't generally like to talk about myself, but I know that it's important to the whole connected spirit of behind the community, so. A bit about me: my name is Kait, but I've gone by Rose online for over a decade, and though it's a relic of when I was too young to be online without secrecy, I've grown attached to the alias. It's part of my self-identity these days. I'm 23 years old, Canadian, and in my second year of university studying human rights. I am multiply disabled, and my health is always interesting. I have a service dog, Celeste, who is the joy of my everyday. I am a hardcore fangirl of too many TV shows, books, comics and other geeky things. I like to write, and spend a lot of time lost in my own head.

Anyway, onto my wishlist for the year...

1. Your favorite delicious healthy recipes - After years of slipping into bad habits and complacency about my weight slowly creeping upwards, I am trying to lose about 30 lbs so I can get back to my healthiest. However, it's tough to stay motivated and on track, so I'd really appreciate some new recipes and ideas to help me stay on course. I am open to a lot, with the exception of anything mushrooms.

2. Music - I love, love music and could use help expanding my iTunes library. Send me a mix of your favorites, rec songs/artists... I'll take anything. I listen to pretty much anything, too, though I have a particular fondness for songs that have stories attached to them.

3. Friends - One of my favorite wishes every year is for this one. I love making new LJ friends, and I've met several this way. I am not always the best updater of my own LJ, but I read my friends-list daily and try to comment on a regular basis. I like to geek out a lot. I fangirl. If I sound like your kind of people, add me.

4. Tell me about a cause you're passionate about, and why - Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a human rights major. Advocacy, righting wrongs, making a difference... that's the kind of thing I want to do with my life, and I want to know about what issues other people are passionate about. I want to know what I should be paying attention to. I want to know what it's like in places that aren't Canada.

5. Amazon Wishlist - This is kind of an obligatory inclusion. This is stuff I one day hope to own. If you want to help me out in that regard, that would be awesome.

6. Sephora - Pretty self explanatory. I really love Sephora, but I can't afford to splurge on it as often as I would like. Gift cards would be awesome.

7. Icons - I have a ton of icon space now after upgrading my account to the max for my birthday and I want to make use it. However, I'm really picky and indecisive when it comes to icon-hunting on my own. I thought a good way to solve that would be to ask people to link me to their favourite icons and go-to icon communities. So, link me to your favourites! Especially if they're fannish.

8. Books - Like with my music request, I'd love it if people would recommend their favourites and their must-reads. I am open to pretty much any suggestion. I have eclectic tastes.

9. Little kindness - It's so simple, and right in line with what this community is about. Just do something kind for a complete stranger, and tell the people in your life you love them.

10. Gift yourself - Get a gift for yourself, even if it's just something as simple as a box of your favorite chocolates or coffee. Love yourself and put yourself on your Christmas list.

ETA: Forgot to add my e-mail address. You can contact me at theunintendedmuse @ gmail . com for my snail address, and other things. :)
Ah, I knew I was forgetting something. I've ETA'ed my e-mail address into the post.

Can I get a link to your list, see if I can return the favor of granting wishes?

3: Tick
4: I volunteer at Amnesty International UK. I love it. I've been a member for years and have been there for over two years now as well. It's amazing, and I've had the chance to meet some great people, from students from the '88 generation from Burma to the Sister and Nephew of Troy Davis. AIUK has recently launched the 'Demand Dignity' campaign. For to long I think that AI have ignored the effect poverty can have on rights and the demand dignity campaign focuses on that more, and also on major corporations, recognising that they, and not just governments, have massive power over all of our lives. Also I can't recommend the greeting card campaign enough!
8: Dune and any of the Frank Herbert sequels. Don't worry about the ones his son wrote though. ;)
PM me your snail mail address.

Today's book recommendation: The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories. A huge collection of two-fisted and noir detective stories from Black Mask magazine. (Including the magazine version of The Maltese Falcon.)
I've PMed you my snail address, and thanks for the rec. I'll definitely be adding that to my list. It's right up my alley, geekwise.

Can I get a link to your list, too?
As for music recs, dunno what you're into, but I really recommend Wolfsheim (try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icUC32-0WuY - it's beautiful, in German.. also, in English, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQUDGl7JR7Y which is their most well-known song, and for good reason), The Echoing Green (a lot of religious stuff, which is good if you're into that, but I'm not and I still really like them - try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CS3p-fAEbA or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF9ZSy_CFbQ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KYZLdbDha4 - the last link is an AMV, but the song is still the same =D), New Medicine (if you're into metal/rock, my favorite is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCdQ9KfbgVA - explicit lyrics)...probably some others if you tell me what you're into in general.

I also added you as a friend.

As for #4, I'm most passionate about LGBT issues, especially transgender issues. I'm not really LGBT (I guess bi, a little, nothing to speak of), but for some reason it really struck a chord with me, and I've stuck with it for a long time. I have a hard time with a lot of the groups and organizations because I don't align with them politically, but I do what I can.

Book recommendations... My favorite authors are Robert Heinlein, Piers Anthony, and Douglas Adams. If you haven't read anything by any of them, I strongly suggest you do. My favorite from Heinlein is "The Number of the Beast", but everything is good. Piers Anthony writes several series - Xanth is good if you're fond of puns, and the Incarnations of Immortality and Blue Adept series are good in general. Douglas Adams wrote the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy four-book trilogy, which is fantastic, and if you haven't read it you most definitely should.
I'm here to share book recs! I highly recommend The Kindness of Strangers by Katrina Kittle. It deals with some difficult subject matter but it has a hopeful ending. My favorite book ever is Enders Game by Orson Scott Card (I hate scifi, but I adore this book). Also, if you like nonfiction I can't recommend Mary Roach enough, especially Stiff.

My cause I'm passionate about? Women's rights. Specifically the right to choose whether or not she wants an abortion. I feel like that is a basic human right, the right to choose what we do with our bodies. Anyway, that's enough of my soapbox. Hope you enjoy the book recs!
Hitting a couple...
My GF and I blog about vegetarian/flexitarian cooking at http://freerangetofu.wordpress.com It needs to be updated, but we're getting better :) Most of our recipes are pretty low fat due to being vegetarian. Also check out http://www.fatfreevegan.blogspot.com

Music Recs
Sarah Jaffe
Telegraph Canyon
Fate Lions
The Hope Trust
The Avett Brothers
Explosions in the Sky
The Indigo Girls
Neko Case
Owen Pallet/Final Fantasy
Frightened Rabbit

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd
Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
Passage by Connie Willis
To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis
Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis
Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy
Wild Seed by Octavia Butler
The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker
Any of the Tudor Wives books by Philippa Gregory
ravenShadow by Win Blevins

I could go on. Feel free to surf by and friend me if you think we'd get along!
Re: Hitting a couple...
Thanks for the awesome recs. I appreciate it. With regard to the books you suggested, I've already read quite a few and loved them, so that means the others will be right up my alley, I think. I'll definitely check out your blog, too. :)
2. You've got to give Yann Tiersen a try. I think my favourite song is his collaboration with Shannon Wright "Pale White" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyRX0nXXqd8)
Other artists to check out:
The New Pornographers

7. You have got to check out roxicons I think they have the prettiest icons I've seen in a long time.

8. I absolutely love Anne Perry's series, one featuring William Monk and the other Thomas Pitt. I love the characters and I still find exploring the seedy underbelly of Victorian society interesting.
Another series I love is the Thursday Next series (aka the Thursday Next series) by Jasper Fforde. You should check out the article on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thursday_Next but yes, I think it's brilliant and now I want a pet dodo.

10. Oh believe me, not a problem. LOL. Consider it done. :D

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First, I'm really sorry it took so long to reply. I've been really under the weather and out of the loop. And no, my username has nothing to do with the song, though I do like Muse.

If you're still up for making that mix, I'd love it.

Happy holidays!
I'm not sure this is "healthy" but it's at least "healthier." ;)


Layer in a bowl or flat pan: 1 to 2 inches of iceberg lettuce, chopped tomatoes which are drained, chopped green onion, 2 cans of chili beans, grated cheese and crushed Fritos corn chips. Add Italian salad dressing (or we really like salsa/taco sauce on it). If you skip the Fritos and go easy on the beans, it's probably healthier, but the beans give it some substance and the Fritos give it some nice crunch.

Feel free to friend me, if you like. It looks like we've got a few things in common. :)

For book recs, I'm a huge Stephen King fan, so I recommend his stuff. Especially "The Stand." And I'm a recent convert to Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books and I'm on the second of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books, and love all of them.

As for gifting myself, I do a wonderful job of that. LOL. *eyes the box of makeup that just came from BareEscentuals* *drools over a ginormous box of stuff at Lush*
First, I'm really sorry it took so long to reply. I've been really under the weather and out of the loop.

Second, thanks so much for the recipe. I'll definitely be trying it out.

I'll keep your other recs in mind, too.

Happy holidays!