Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!  My name is Alexa, I'm a law student in Boston, MA, and this is my second year taking part in holiday_wishes.  It was a lot of fun last year--of course the giving was the best part!--and I've been looking forward to taking part in it again this year!  Message me for my address.

My list:

1.  Cards. These are always nice; I'm a spiritual explorer, so I'll take whatever cards you have-- Christmas, Solstice, Hannukah, Muslim New Year, or general seasonal cards!

2. Tea!  I love trying new teas!  Preferably tea-tea and not herbal teas, but if you have a favorite unusual tea, I'd love to try it.  (Camellia Tea House in London is my favorite tea shop in the world if you live around there!)  Speaking of...

3. British foods!  I lived in London for a year once, and there's so much food I miss.  More on the sweets and biscuits end, but I miss British sausages the most.  Even in gourmet shops I can't find Lincolnshire or Cumberland sausages.

4. Incense and candles.  I'm not picky what scents or colors.

5.  Tree Ornaments.  This is only my second year in this apartment, and my last year my tree was rather bare.  It would be great to add more to it this year.

6. Followers on my blogs.  I do most blogging off-LJ, on specific topics; Witchy Books Network, Oh YA! Comics, and Ladies Making Comics.  While I'm in school, my blogging has dried up on all but one of them, but over the break I intend to build up a cache of posts to go through the spring semester.

7. French comics (BD), not Asterix or Tintin.  I want to brush up on my French, but I barely have time to read English-language novels.  I'd love to read BD à VO

8. Anything off of my Amazon Wishlist.

9. I am dying to go back to London.  I have no idea if you can gift Virgin Miles, but if you can, it would RULE if you gifted some to me :D?

10.  A really good, preferably paying, legal internship for the spring and/or summer.  I am a second year (day) law student at Suffolk Law in Boston and am eager for experience in most any field, though Intellectual Property is my main field of interest.  If you are or know any lawyers in the area who take interns (or maybe usually don't but could be persuaded) and could put me in contact with them, that would be fantastic.  Competition is tight and personal referrals or "unlisted" job opportunities can make all the difference.  Alternatively, because networking is very important in the legal field, even just coffee meetings with any attorneys would be wonderful.

Message me for my address (or my Virgin Miles account number).  Happy Holidays!
Hi, I can send you a few things! Are there any particular British sweets you like? We have a store called Brits that imports British foods and goods.

I love London, too. :)

PMing for your address.
(Bear in mind this is for anyone who may want to give me British food-- I'm not trying to sound greedy /o\)

Well, Jaffa Cakes are always win. So are Jelly Babies. Wine/Fruit gums, Aero bars (mint, preferably), Galaxy Minstrels, Chocolate Orange.

Any crazy-flavored chips/crisps (like prawn cocktail or steak and onion)

Any Kipling's cakes.

I'd be happy to send along some tea. Please drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Tea and Card" in the Subject and your address in the body. Also remind me that you prefer non-herbal tea, and let me know if you prefer loose or bagged tea, or like both.
Could you please send me a message and a link to your wishlist? I'd love to send you a few things! :)
One of my favourite french comics:

It's updated quite frequently. Also, it's really funny and charming. Hope you'll enjoy :)

Her 'Jospehine' is also great, but sadly really hard to get where I am.
I can get my hands on an extra copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray, if you still want it! Let me know. :)
I should probably clarify I want specifically that edition-- I already have a few copies of PoDG, but I want to make some space on the shelves and just get that one nice one. If that's the edition you can get, let me know and I'll message you my address!
I can send you some British sweets and things (not sure if sausages would travel well?), if you let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like! =)
A friend forwarded me this page and I think this is such an awesome idea. She has inspired me to give this year so please send me your address and I will send something off your Amazon Wishlist to you! Happy Holidays!