Happy Holidays, y'all!

Happy Holiday Wishes, everyone! My name is Alianne, and I'm a college senior at a midwest university in the US. This is my third year participating over here, but my first with an LJ! The goal this year is to move out of lurker-dom. About me: I do theatre things. I sing. I write. I live, laugh, and love. I had a bit of an existential crisis and only pulled myself up from depression by figuring out - if not the meaning of life - then a meaning that I could live for: Love.

So! The List!

1. What's the best way to get out of lurker-dom then to have new LJ-friends who learn to care about your life? Throughout my time on the interwebs I've met people I'm proud to count among my friends. I'm going to do my best for semi-regular posting, and I'd love some LJ friends who would read and comment. I'd do the same!

2. Cards, postcards, and letters, oh my! My address is included at the bottom, and if you need an idea for what to write, check out the next two items! (If you're in the Holiday theme, I celebrate Hanukkah and love Christmas trees.)

3. Quotes! I collect quotes. Funny, meaningful, poingient, meaningful-to-you-in-a-way-it-can't-be-to-anyone-else, all quotes.

4. If you're going to mail something, I'd love it if you included a list of few things that make you happy. I have a book called "The Happy Book", in which I have a huge list (over 6500, now, spanning three volumes!) of things that make my friends and I happy. Repeats welcomed, and there's no limit. Contributions have ranged from one item to over 300 (over multiple entries). I'd love to have some other additions - I'll add their numbers and paste them into the book :)

5. I would love a used digital camera. If you're getting a new one for the holidays, I'd be thrilled to inherit your old one - I promise it would go to a good home! I'd even pay for shipping, if that would help you!

6. There is not enough Hufflepuff Pride in the world. Take that as you may ;-)

7. And speaking of pride - I'm starting the slow process of coming out to my friends and family, as well as accepting myself. On that note, I would love something - anything - GLBT/Rainbow/Pride related.

8. If you're in Washington DC and see a vendor selling Street Sense, buy one. It's a publication put out by the homeless, and it's a very legitimate way both to raise awareness and for some people to begin to get back on their feet. There are organizations like this across North America - check out http://www.nasna.org/ for more details.

9. This sounds silly, but I could really use some suggestions on how to get motivated to exercise. or ideas for good workouts for an extreme beginner. Star charts don't work anymore, I'm not fit by anyone's standards, and I'd love some ideas and suggestions or just good wishes!

10. Surprise me! Mailing address and email are included, though if you are planning (ee!) on sending a package that will not fit in a P.O box please email me first.

The addy:

Alianne H.
6985 Snow Way Drive
Campus Box 6584
Saint Louis, Missouri

email is: aliannesecunda@gmail.com

If you can fill something, please also send me a link to your wishlist or make sure to include your LJ name on anything you send! Thank you and have a wonderful holiday seaseon!!! :D
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*waves rainbow flag* ;)
It's a process...good luck coming out to yourself, friends, and family. :)

Some of my favorite quotes have got to be from the Harry Potter novels...
1) "There is no good and evil; there is only power, and those too weak to seek it." - Prof. Quirrel
2) "The mind is not a book to be opened at will and examined at leisure." - Prof. Snape

"Though you may trod me in the dirt; still, like dust, I rise." - Maya Angelou

Take care.
I'd love to fulfill 2, 3, 4 & 7 :D

And good luck with the coming out process. I do not envy all of you who go through it (I luckily don't need to, I've never hidden it or thought I was straight so the world pretty much knows already XD) Just stand proud and don't take shit from anyone!

and since youasked, my list
1. I'd love to be your friend, I warn you I talk a lot, and flounce (right now I'm flouncing from Quebec and Canadian politics). Friending you. :D

I'll be sending you a card as soon as I get money and can buy cards and stamps with quotes and a list of happy things! :D
I made a "Book of Fun"!
The Book of Fun

In there we keep ephemera and notes like concert fliers, restaurant menus, ideas for places we would like to go, magazine pictures...
1. Added you!

2. I'd be glad to send you a card with quotes and happy things. I plan to put it in the mail tomorrow.

7. Good luck to you in your process of coming out! Also, I recognize your address since I went to the same university. (Graduated right before the DUC was finished.) Friends of mine were involved with Pride Alliance when I was there and enjoyed it. If you're not part of the Alliance already, I imagine they could be a great resource.

9. I've found that making some sort of activity part of my everyday routine helps a lot. I walk to work (1.5 miles one way) and while it's not the most aerobic exercise ever, I am much more fit now. Getting friends to make it part of the routine also helps. Remember that it doesn't always have to be changing and going to the gym, but it can be playing a game (ultimate frisbee, soccer, tag, etc) with friends or taking a long walk/job around campus. Good luck!

Let me see what I can do to help you with #7. I know how hard (and sometimes painful) the process of coming out to people can be. Good luck (and internet hugs!).

Also, I don't live in DC, but here in Chicago, we have an equivalent of Street Sense called StreetWise and I always buy when I can. (Actually, I rarely take the magazine, usually just opting for paying for it and then giving it back to the vendor so they can resell it and earn a a little more.)
Oh! And I totally forget #9. A friend of mine has had awesome success with a TV show called "Shimmy". It's exercise in the form of belly dancing. If you have access to cable, I highly recommend it. I have heard nothing but good things about it.
I'd be happy to send you a card with some quotes and a list of things that make me happy :)
I will be sending some things your way! I also added you as a friend, I hope that's ok!

As far as exercise tips, I use a website called myfitnesspal.com, where you can track your food and exercise and they give you an ideal calorie deficit to meet each day. I haven't been using it recently thanks to the insanity that is my first year of grad school, but having used it during the summer really put exercise into perspective for me (as well as food that is terrible for me by comparing the calories to how much I burn when I exercise). There is also a forum with challenges and support groups, which is also super helpful to me. Another thing that keeps me motivated is to have good (fast) music on hand. I listen to my iPod when I'm walking, so sometimes if I have the urge to listen to it, I go for a run :)

I will also mail you a couple of quotes, but I post quotes that I find that I like or that apply to me or my day to my new twitter account, @StopDropThink. One of my wishes is for more followers for the account as well, but if you don't have twitter, the page is public so you should still be able to see it!
Re: 3
"Don't compromise yourself -- it's all you've got." ~ Janis Joplin
7. *BIG GIANT HUGS* re: the coming out process. Good luck. Count me among the LJers who are thinking of you and wishing you the best. I don't really have any Pride paraphernalia, but I do have a lot of LGBT music in my collection. (Not just the Indigo Girls.) (But um, yeah, I count the Indigo Girls too, hehe.) If you're at all interested, I'd be happy to send a zip file. If not, no worries! :)

9. Exercise motivation? Put on some upbeat music, and dance. I'm serious. Dancing to my favorite pop songs was part of what got me on the road, a couple years back, to rejoining my gym and getting fit.
I'm adding you as a friend. :)

And I'm totally proud to be a Hufflepuff. ^_^
I will send you a card with a quote in it!

And as for things that make me happy... I've got the motherlode for you. Have you heard of Grace in Small Things? It's a blog project/network where people try to post five things they're grateful for each day. I've been doing it pretty religiously since last February at this blog. Hope you find tons of inspiration among those blogs, including mine. <3

As for exercise? After a while, it becomes its own motivation, and I found myself craving it as stress relief. But in the meantime, focus on how good your body feels when it's moving, and how strong you feel. *nod*
Exercise tips
Remember that it's okay to stop partway through.

That is, you might be trying to do ten reps of something on a nautilus machine, or swim 12 laps, or walk a mile. But if you do 4 reps, or 2 laps, or get on a bus for half the trip, that's not a failure. It's 4 lunges, or 2 laps in the pool, or half a mile more than not doing anything. Exercise is not an all-or-nothing thing. You aren't left with a half-made object you can't do anything with, or that will sit there waiting for you to finish it. You've done some exercise, and this is good.

There have been days I told myself "Just get to the gym and change into your workout clothes, anything after that is bonus." Often the anything after that is pretty solid, but if it's just a few minutes on the cardio bike, so be it. It's still something.
I'll be sending you a postcard with some favorite quotes + a happy list :]
I've added you as an LJ Friend; also expect a little something arriving in the mail.
Want another friend? *grins*

I'd love to send you 2, 3 and 4 :-)

Regarding 9, my best suggestion about getting fit is to figure out what physical activity (or activities) you love doing. Then it isn't really exercise, or hard, just another thing you love doing, which makes it much more likely it will get done.