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Hey again to everyone! My name is Serena and this is my...fourth? year participating. I'm originally from TN but moved to Michigan a month ago to live with my boyfriend. I'm also a lolita, so anything on this list you can offer in that style would be awesome!  Money is tight right now because of things, but I'm hoping I can help out a few people this year.

Here is my wishlist! I'm on a phone at the moment, so I can't type too much. If you have questions, please email me :)

1- Winter clothes!! Mainly snow boots, cute earmuffs, and warm coats. Since I'm from Tennessee I don't have anything suitable for MI winters.

2- Tickets for the new Harry Potter movie!! Gift certificates, gift cards, etc towards getting two tickets would be amazing. We don't have enough extra money to spend on tickets right now. :(

3- Gift cards for places like Meijer, Petsmart, or any online clothing store (I have no preference at the moment, I just need clothes).

4- Socks. Knee-highs and over-the-knees, tights, wool, cashmere. Especially things from Sock Dreams! I love a lot of the stuff they have and some things seem really warm. Best of all, it's not expensive! I have a few things that I like more than others. If you'd like to know, just email me. Gently used is fine!

5- Handmade/used/damaged lolita clothes. Petticoats, jsks, blouses... Anything is great. Homemade lucky packs would be amazing too.

6- Fragrances from BPAL (black phoenix alchemy lab). I've never been able to try any of their items yet and I would really love to.

7- (Long shot) A new phone! Any kind. It doesn't have to be new at all, used is preferred. Prepaid is great.

8- (Another long shot!) A new laptop. Mine is really not made for graphic design and my bf doesn't have one. It would be a great gift for him.

9- Winter care packages. Fill it with anything you love during winter, and/or anything that keeps you warm. Things like teas (I love tea!), snacks, German and Japanese candies/chocolates is great too!

10- Surprise me!

Thanks, and happy holidays!!
RE: lolita clothes
What style/brands are you most into and what are your measurements?

You can e-mail me: megan.c.lim@gmail.com
Hey, could you message me your address? Would love to send you a winter care package!