Tis the Season to be Thankful.

Second year participant. My name is Catherine. I go by Semi or Calee. I'm 22, and I am looking forward to the holidays. I hope you are all in good spirits, even when things get tough! I appreciate you taking the time to look over my wishlist. I would be extremely grateful for your consideration. ♥

1. $5 gift cards - Target, Game Stop, Walmart.
2. Supernatural - I'm talking about the show. I absolutely love it! I would love to own it.
3. Golden Sun the original video game I think it was for the Gameboy Advanced. It's old and, I have yet to find it. So I have been unable to play the second one, or the new one.
4. Playstation 2 games I am not picky.
5. For Everyone reading this to go donate blood especially if you know someone who is ill, and might need it in the future. You should be able to donate it in their name. I know when dad needed it, people could donate it in his name and they would credit his hospital bill. :) So please, if you have a chance, and the ability, do go donate blood for the holidays! It would mean a lot to me.
6. Contribute to an animal shelter in your area. Preferably a no kill shelter. Sponsor a Spay/Neuter for someone's animal adoption. Volunteer your time. I know this time of year people like to buy animals for pets, but sometimes those pets get thrown away like used or broken toys. They may not be able to thank you verbally, but animals do appreciate your kindnesses, even if they don't know it was you who did it.
7. Click on my adoptables! :3 Defaults and Favorites Clicking them each opens their pages and levels them up by 1.
8. No Plot? No Problem! The Book! Direct link to the item in the NaNoWriMo store
9. Volunteer at a food kitchen or homeless shelter :D Spread smiles and love everywhere!
10. Amazon Wishlist here

You can email me at ohnosemi at gmail dot com.
Thank you :3

Well that helps! It'll at least give me something to work with until I can get the game! ♥
If you have a european PS I could probably send you some of my brothers games, but I doubt yours is european :-/ according to my brother his games won't work on a US one :(
That is unfortunate D: but nope, I think I'd have to get an adapter to play them, and I don't know nearly enough to go about doing that :/

Thank you though! :3 I look forward to a card, though! ;D I liked the one last yea, 'cause it had Belgium on it! I was like "omg so cool!"
Hey sweetie =D
I am currently clicking out on all your clickables. Also, I have got a PDF of number eight if you don't mind that?
Happy Holidays!
That would definitely work until I'm able to get the book :3
Thanks for clicking them <3

Ohai Jensen and Jared icon!
#6 covered! I run a cageless, no-kill shelter here in Illinois...please "like" us on Facebook!
I obviously spend a lot of hours there and almost all of my "real job" paycheck to keep us up and running.
Just yesterday, we had two kittens adopted by two people who have adopted from us before. Yay for adoptions!
And thanks for pointing out the potential problem of giving a pet for a gift....while we are happy to take back any animal that just doesn't "work out" for ANY reason, it's very traumatic on the pet :(
I'll definitely like it :3 Thanks for sharing!

It warms my heart that there are people like you in the world!
I clicked on all of your adoptables. :D

And I'm going to look into giving blood - I've been meaning to do it for a long time, but it's difficult getting over that fear of needles. Still, you're right and donating blood is really important, so I'll do my best. :)
Thank you very much <3

And I hope you can! I know how it is with needles. It's very had to get over, but closing your eyes and looking away has always helped me. :D
Merry Christmas!

I full fill your number 6 wish every day as a Volunteer Coordinator at the local no kill communal living animal shelter :)
I have a copy of No Plot, No Problem that I'd be happy to give to you. You can pm me through LJ or just send me an email: ladyj dot 965 at gmail dot com.