I WANT HERMIONE GRANGER! ...and a rocket ship.

Hi! I'm Jasmine, and this is my second year posting on holiday_wishes and my I-can't-remember-the-number-of-times I've done this on LJ in general. You guys made my life last year, so thank you for that!

If you'd like to get me anything, you can email me for my address at onawhim@lilybulb.org

01. BPAL Products

I've heard about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for years, and I've been getting the urge to try them out...only now I have no idea where to start! So if you have any imps or favourites you'd like to send my way, I would appreciate it! I'd love to see if they really live up to the hype.

02. Tarot/Oracle Decks

You can see the list of decks I already own here, and anything you'd like to add to that list would be appreciated! I'm a major divination addict :D

03. Blueberry Crack Tea

My friend tokyotakushii got me hooked on what we refer to as "crack tea" -- because it's so good, you basically get addicted to it. I cannot get enough of this stuff!

04. Books

I love to read, and you can see a list of the books I already own at my librarything account, which should also give you an idea of where my tastes run. One thing though -- I'm a big urban fantasy fan, but I don't have many of those kinds of books left, so I would especially appreciate that.

05. Bento Supplies

I just got into bento making, and recently bought this bento box, along with these x x x x x x accessories, and I'm happy to take ANY bento supplies you'd be willing to part with or think I should try!

06. Victoria Magazine Oct. 1998

This is a bit of an odd request, but I'm a huge fan of the movie Practical Magic, and this issue has an article about the house in the movie (which, if you've never seen it, is amazing). It periodically shows up on ebay and here on amazon.com for around $10-15 USD.

07. Stationery

I'd prefer something cute, but I'm also a fan of classical florals and Victorian-esque prints. But I'd be happy for anything to write letters to my friends on :D

08. Old Photographs

I am such a sucker for old pictures! The definition of "old" can be left up to you, but if you have any you'd like to send my way, I'd love to have them!

09. Victorian Romantic Tarot

I already put tarot, but this is a bit more specific, and it has a story, so bear with me.

I've wanted this deck since before it first came out, but I was homeless when it was released and so I obviously couldn't afford it, and then the deck went out of print. Now it sells for ridiculous amounts on ebay and Amazon, so I'd given up hope up ever getting it.

But! The deck has been re-released in Russian, and they're currently releasing this deck in small batches, in hopes of letting as many people as possible get a chance to buy it, no matter where they live.

When available, the order page should be here, and you can be notified of new batch releases by signing up for this mailing list, or keeping an eye on their facebook page. It's okay if I don't get this -- I haven't given up hope that they'll reprint it in a few years or so, hopefully when I can afford it. But it would be wonderful to get ahold of this deck before then.

10. Amazon Wishlist

Last, but not least, there's my Amazon Wishlist. I have priorities set on them, but I'd be happy to get anything. Used items are fine, although I'm a bit wary of them for the DVDs.

Thank you for looking! And again, my email address is onawhim@lilybulb.org
Would love to send you some photos. Please send me your info and a link to this wishlist with the subject "Holiday Wishes - Photos"

worstxintentions at gmail dot com
I just got your card (woo, checking the mail and weird times!) and I loved both photos. Thank you!
I can probably send you some old photographs and stationery-- but I've got to see what I've got stored in my closet! :D
I've definitely found something. Would you send me your address please? snoopdawg@livejournal.com
I know I already emailed you, but I'm leaving a comment about it now so that I don't see this and panic again later, ha.
Hi! I just got your things, and thank you so much! They are so lovely, and I'm very happy with them. Especially the souvenir photos from Ypres! Thank you!
Yay, I'm glad they arrived safely and that you appreciate them. As I'm sure I said, I figured you'd get more use out of them than they've been getting in my closet!
I have an Egyptian Tarot Deck that needs a new home! If you would like it, please email me at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Tarot" in the subject and your address in the body!