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Hi. I am from SouthAmerica. I haven't updated my journal since forever, but I saw this community and thought of giving it a try. I'm broke now, but I hope next year I can return the favor. This is all so good, its a great thing that you guys get together and do this! ^.^

1--A Motorola V3
(i think it's also called razr) (picture here!). I know this is an old phone, but I've always loved it and wanted to get one since mine is way older and can't afford it.

2--Stationary or office related stuff. I loooove 'em!

Crime, detective novels, etc.

4--Something homemade.
Anything that can make someone feel warm and fuzzy  =)

5--Geeky T-Shirts. You know, from movies, TV shows, quotes, tech-related hehe

6--British and NY things.
I love those places and would love to have souvenirs from here  =)

Movies, concerts, tv shows, whatever. Real or not, i don't care if it is just a copy,

8--Surprise me! Anything nice you might want to send.

9--im also looking for 2 mags for a friends' birthday.

Rolling Stone magazine: May 1996 issue & February 1997 issue.

e mail me here: appleblossom_ba@hotmail.com for my address.

thank you!! =)
Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I have no money to buy these and they are expensive to ship aswell.
But thanks for the thought.
I can't send any physical copies of #3 or #7, BUT I do have lots of digital versions of both I can send if you would be interested. :)