Yet Another Holiday Wishlist!

Hi! I'm Tiffany, from out in Southern California, and this is my first year doing this. I love animals, folklore, comics and animation, particularly stop-motion. This year I am also all about solidarity with my fellow Capricorns and friendly Sagittariuses, whose birthdays fall before/during/after the holidays, and so they often get combo-purpose gifts - I know I did. So in addition to general holiday wishes, I hope y'all keep in mind any of your loved ones whose awesome birthdays might be overshadowed by holiday festivity! Otherwise, if there is something within my power I can do for your list (except for mailing out In&Out food - sorry), please let me know! I will be going through the archives to see how I can help ASAP.

1. Mix CDs. I love discovering new music through other people. Probably you will hear me squeal in joy from wherever you are.

2. An Omikuji membership because not only have I wanted one since I heard of it, but it would also support my favorite author in the world.

3. I am alwaysalwaysalways wanting new reading material, so gift cards to bookstores/Amazon/etc. or (used) books are welcomed with cheers and open arms. I love fantasy, short-story anthologies, and compilations about folktales, but honestly I will read anything because a good book is a good book. There are some specific books I am hopeful to get, such as:

Ventriloquism by Catherynne Valente
Story of the Stone and Eight Skilled Gentlemen by Barry Hughart
Was by Geoff Ryman
The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen by Joan D Vinge
The Girl With No Hands (and other tales) by Angela Slatter
Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories by Sandra McDonald
Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol 1

4. A Wacom tablet. Something simple, like a Wacom Bamboo, is fine. New or used/refurbished, so long as it works and I can use it.

5. A USB mouse for my Asus Eee; using a touchpad is starting to drive me a little nuts. Netbook's white, if you want to be matchy-matchy, but I am a big fan of color (teal, lime, blues).

6. A comforter (EG: Garnet Hill's Down/Primaloft Comforter in Deep Water or Lemon. Or a gift certificate to any big store, such as Macys/Target, where I can pick one out). My spring-fall blanket finally fell apart (it's sad, and kind of gross, but I had it for like 13 years), and my sister claimed (aka stole) my winter blanket. I've been getting by on the warmth of extra sheets and cats sleeping on me, no joke. Pref a double/queen-size, but I am not picky; neither does it have to be puffed with down, although, unfortunately, it cannot be woolly. Something lightweight I can use for 80% of the year. Gently used is fine; if you make quilts, I would love any you have to spare.

7. My own computer, something that can run art programs well. (Farfetched, I know!) The desktop PC is not mine, and is very old for a computer besides (2002). Netbook lets me write and check email, and I appreciate it greatly for those purposes, but it's tiny and not very powerful, or at least not powerful enough for graphics programs. I will give a happy home to whatever computer needs one.

8. I am a big fan of bath & body stuff, especially from 100% Pure. Handmade/indie soaps/lotions/etc. are also awesome!

9. Fragrances! Such as decants or imps from BPAL (I can provide a list of notes I like, but I'm also game for surprises), or a travel/sample size of Twigscent's Rumpledcake.

10. Pens. I have three cats: they are always stealing my pens and squirreling them away. Everything from fountain pens (or Platinum Preppies, etc),to brush pens to gel/ballpoint/etc pens. I am always in need of pens.

My biggest longshot wish (aside from #7 on this list) is for Hanna-Barbara/Warner Bros to wake up on New Years and decide to revive The Pirates of Dark Water so that I finally know how it all ends. I've been waiting since the 90s for them to find all 13 treasures.

Feel free to PM or email (balloonhat@gmail) for any additional information, or comment here or at my LJ to get my attention.
I can send you some of my soap from my Etsy shop (I'm under this username there too.) I make a really awesome Holiday Cookie (Almond, vanilla, spice) that you might like. (It's vegetarian.) Or you can look at the site and let me know what you would like. Drop me an email at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Soap" in the subject and your mailing addy in the body, and of course let me know what scent you'd like. (And if you don't see anything you like, let me know and we'll figure it out, not all my scents are up in the shop right now.)
Awww, thanks! I am hoping to do more with the shop this winter and spring, now that I've replaced my camera!
As a huge music person myself, I can definitely send you a mix cd.

If you would, just e-mail your address to auralily2000 at yahoo .com with a reminder of what I promised.
Email sent! Thank you so much!

Also, I love the art in your icon - looks like it's from a vintage ad. Where's it from?
I did take some French classes many, many years ago, but "learn French again" is one of my goals for the near future. I'd welcome both English and French books, even if it means I can't read the French ones for a while yet. :) I'll reply to your email with my address.
I can't send a CD, but I have all my favorite mp3s uploaded in zip files online. Would you like that? :)