Happy Holidays!

Hullo, first timer here!

My name is Kelly and I'm a high school senior living in South Florida. I've been in love with Harry Potter for a few years now, but I read everything from Lolita to Star Trek novels. I'm an easy-going girl who just wants to spread the holiday cheer this year.

01. Anything you know about road trips. My friends and I might be taking a road trip this summer and we're looking for all the stories and tips we can get.
02. Hunger Games fanfic. Katniss/Gale, Finnick/Katniss, or Gale/Finnick fanfic from the Hunger Games. HP spoiled me, I forget most rare!pairs don't actually have fic.
03. Things from a foreign country. I love to explore foreign cultures.
04. Lego Harry Potter.
05. A laptop. I'll be going to college next year and I don't know if my family will be able to afford a laptop when the time comes. It would help me out immensely. Gently used is fine.
06. Winter boots. I might be going up north next year for college, specifically Chicago. It'd be nice to have some sturdy, winter boots.
07. Tea. I love tea, so very much. I'm open to all flavors and and I'd love to see what your favorite is!
08. A large dog bed for my cat. My Maine Coon is kind of cramped in his medium one and has ripped some of the stuffing out.
09. An mp3 player. New, gentle used, whatever. I'm just tired of not having my music on me.
10. Donate to your favorite charity. Whether it be a local charity or a international one, I think anything helps. We're giving food to our local food pantry in my house.

You can e-mail at charmed_forever_456 (at)yahoo (dot) com for more information.

I hope you all have a wonderful December and have your wishes granted!
2. The Hunger Games! I recently finished the first book and it's all I can think about right now. :P I can't wait to start the second. :)

For the fic you're looking for (as I don't read any of those pairings, I can't give you specific fics I'd recommend, which I apologise for), I'd try ff.net for any recent fic and themockingjay. You may find something you like at this drabble meme.

@ ff.net there's a Gale/Katniss community where some fic of the pairing is archived. (I'd use the search settings of the site to find all possible Gale/Katniss fanfic, as this is just a select few that some people may have liked).

I hope that helps. :)
OMG READ IT FASTER! Those books sucked me in so fast. I read the first one in five hours or something and the entire series in one week.

Thanks for the links, I hadn't seen the drabble meme before.
I might have a teabag I can send you if you send me a message with your address. I'd email you, but I don't check my email often.