2011: Tagging Tutorial and Requests

Adding Tags To Your Post

Why Tag?
Tagging is a quick way for others to be able to find your wishlist, and also makes it easier for you to browse through wishes other people have made. There are tags for the sorts of wishes you've made, where you're from, which holiday you celebrate, when you posted your wishlist, and what the first letter of your username is.

If you look at the main page of the community, you will see a section of links on the left and more tags on the right. By adding tags you can make your wishlist accessible to others when they choose to browse the wishlists using the various tags. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and you can add your wishlist too.

How to Tag
On the screen where you edit your post, simply click on the blue link that says "Select Tags", and check off the tags that apply to your post. Do not manually type the tags. Because members may not add tags, if a tag you manually enter does not match one of the preset ones, it will not appear.

Tag Categories
Please tag your wishlist using at least one tag in each of the following categories:
1. Continent
2. Country - Using these tags will make it easier for people closer to where you live to grant wishes for you if they only wish to mail things out within their own country. If there is no tag for your country yet, please don't be offended - let us know here via comment and we'll gladly add it to the Tags list!
3. Username - Tagging your wishlist by the first letter in your username will make it so that people searching for your wishlist will have a better chance of finding it if they remember your username.
4. Holidays - Which winter holiday(s) do you celebrate?
5. Week - Tag your post with the week in which you posted it. This helps if people lose the link to your wishlist and remember about when you posted it, or if they want to grant posts that are a certain number of weeks old.
6. Category - This helps people find wishlists that include certain types of wishes.

NOTE: Please do not use any of the tags preceded by an exclamation point (!), as those are mod tags.

Requesting New Tags
You can view all of the Wishlist Tags - here. If you are unable to find a tag that fits your wishes, please feel free to comment on this post and make a suggestion. We'll try to accommodate your needs as soon as we can.
Question. This year one of the things I want to put on my list is items from a specific area that is different from where I live. (Specifically, asking locals who can get Boston Bruins items since I live far away in Florida.) Is there some way I can tag my entry to help those who might be in Boston (or Massachusetts) find my list?

And/or I see there is a "sports" related tag but what about league tags? (In this case, "NHL" is what I'm looking for.) Or maybe just a "sports team" tag? Because I'm not looking for equipment or things to play sports, but more souvenirs and nick-nacks. I worry there might be confusion. I admit I might be over-thinking this. ;)

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
Your not over thinking things at all, I love the idea of sports team/league tags myself.

While I'm not a Bruins fan at all (Rangers) this is something I might even try to see what I can dig up for you. I have an ex-friend who is a Bruins fan and I always had fun trying to dig up something for her!
Oh cool, thanks! I was worried I was getting weirdly specific.

My fiance loves the Bruins. And since he's done so much for me with surgery, I wanted to help try to get him stuff as a special thanks. His brother is a Rangers fan actually though. :)
You have a homophone error in one of the tags - it should be "stationEry and stickers," not "stationAry and stickers." If it's stationary, it isn't getting very far. ;-)
I need a country tag for Poland, thanks. :) (Also I forgot the username tag, oops, I'll add it when my post is approved. :P)
I may be blind, but is there a "religious" stuff tags (or something of that sort)? I see one for the occult and pagan items but not otherwise?
I also just totally realized you're on my friends list. I thought it was unusual that you shared the same icon as one of my friends. Christina is oblivious. :P

Haha. :) I'm pretty sure it's through this community that we friended each other!

And no problem!
Could you please remove the tag for "icons and other graphics" from my wishlist post?
I decided at the last minute not to include my icon wish but forgot to take out the tag *d'oh*
I've tried removing it myself but it won't delete, so I'm guessing a Mod will have to remove it for me :O
Thank you.

p.s. the tag for "New Zealand" seems to have gone astray also?

Edited at 2011-11-15 02:07 am (UTC)
The "icons and other graphics" tag has been removed from your wishlist, and a "New Zealand" country tag has been added to the community!
A "care package" tag might be handy, considering how popular it is as a wish. :) I know it could possibly fall under "snail mail," but I think it deserves its own tag, so that we care package sender/receivers can find each other.
i almost feel like i'm not looking well enough, but i don't think there's a tag for the netherlands? so if that could be added that'd be great.