Holiday_Wishes Community Wishlist

Glad to see this community is already getting so much activity! Hooray for holiday cheer!

holiday_wishes has just two wishes on the list this year:

1. A 2 month paid account for the community. Among other things, this would allow the mods to be able to more easily monitor the comments through the "Recent Comments" page. It would also allow everyone in the community to expand comments, which I'm sure some of you might find useful! Many thanks to y2jdingo for fulfilling this wish!
2. That everyone has a safe, fun, and happy holiday season!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break the rules with my jewelry supply wish. The thing is there are only specific things I need and many things I really couldn't use. Can I list examples without links then of things I need or is that still in rule violation? I would hate for people to send things in good spirit that I simply can't use, you know?

Let me know and I'll make modifications as needed.

Sorry, you may not list examples without links, either. If you want specific things, then you may either add them to your Amazon wishlist, or if that's not possible, list them as separate wishes.