Yuletime greetings and lovely meetings! (Hey, that rhymed. Well, 'tis the season.)

So, um, hey there everyone! My name is Lova and I'm a 30-year-old Swedish horror writer with a love for all things horror, pagan aaaaaand yaoi. I have a Master's Degree in Women Studies which influences the way I live my life (and how I work more than what I work with, since it turned out to be difficult to find an actual job in that field). I celebrate both Christmas and Yule and generally love the holidays. What else? I'm single and living happily with my chinchilla...Kiwi says hi, btw... and I'm also deeply grateful for my friends and family. It's been a year or so(?) since I last participated but I'm so excited to do it this year and I hope I'll be able to make as many people happy as possible! And please, if you are kind enough fulfill one of my wishes, link to your own as well in your email to me so that I can swing by and see if I can make a wish come true for you too. ♥

1. Anything from BPAL!
I love Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but shipping to Sweden turned out to be complicated, unfortunately, even if it was possible. ;) So any imps or bottles you've got laying around would make my Holiday! My absolute favorites are Scheherazade, Black Pearl, New Orleans, and Baneberry, and I'm very curious about Mata Hari, Bastet, Kali, La Petite Mort, Nefertiti, O, Jazz Funeral, anything from the Neil Gaiman collection... lol actually I'm curious about pretty much everything so any and all scents will have me squeeing on Christmas! XD
(Oh, and the scents will always come to good use, whether they agree with me personally or not - I have a few friends who loves scents too!)
Thank you so much, visionshadows and cairtirnin! ♥♥♥

2. Ghostly Snail Mail!
I read and write horror stories, watch horror movies and it's generally a huge interest of mine and combined with folklore, mythology, and paranormal mysteries... well, what I'd really love is snailmail with a local ghost story, legend och perhaps even a personal experience. Something particular from where you live or something that happened to you or somebody you know would be wonderful! Anything goosebumpy you can think of will give me, well, goosebumps! ^.^ If you can combine it with a postcard, newspaper article or something that would be even more amazing! Surprise me! What I wouldn't do to find something like that in my postbox... *swoons* ♥

3. Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead stuff!
One of my not-so-secret dreams is to attend this particular festival and I'd really love something from there or inspired by it, be it sugar skulls, necklaces, pictures, figurines, postcards, altar icons, candles or whatever! I can guarantee that it will get an honored place on my wall/desk. :D

4. Handcrafting material/supplies!
One of my favorite things to do is creating things and I happily experiment with making jewelry, knitting, crochet, decoupage etc... whichever I can get! (I can mention that my chinchilla didn't - he stepped off the edge of sofa believing that the pile of random stuff among me was somehow solid ground and disappeared howling among the fluffy paper until I fished him out ♥) If you got stuff that you know you won't use anymore you can make my day by sending it to me! I've been having trouble finding frames for that old-style look in jewelry, or wooden/metal/glass flat rectangles or circles to use as bases, for example, but I'll be very grateful for any supplies sent my way - pretty paper napkins, beads, stamps, yarn, strings etc etc. Whatever it is, it will come to use! :D

5. Anything Pagan!
I'm a Pagan and all I really have is a well-used and loved tarot deck. So if you'd like to contribute with anything pagan, be it runes, candles, incense, salvia, altar tools, figurines, books or well anything, I would be so happy! Or if you're so inclined, a tarot reading would be wonderful as well! Sometimes the reader needs a reading, you know? ;3 ♥

6. Vintage Things!
I love old things, say from around the early 1900s to the 1930s(basically no later than the 1950s)! I love old vintage photographs of ladies for example and little things like buttons, skeleton keys(any old key!), books, bottles, postcards, dolls, jewelry, beads, strings, ribbons, boxes(wood or metal doesn't matter)! In short, absolutely anything! So if you've got something forgotten collecting dust in the attic that you don't care about at all anymore, I would be happy to give it a loving home! Chances are I'll use it when tinkering around with some handcrafting project or other. :D ♥

7. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist!
Here's my Amazon Wishlist! It's very random but anything on it would be amazing and used are great! :D Oh, and for what it's worth, Book Depository apparently had free shipping worldwide, which seems neat. :D

8. Handmade things!
Ooh, I adore handmade things! It can be anything. Can you make notebooks or jewelry or anything else? Can you croche or knit wristwarmers or other awesome things? Then I would love love love to wear/use it! Handmade things are amazing. When somebody have put time and effort in actually creating something especially for you, it does seem magical in a way. :)

9. Care Package!
I would adore one from your part of the world! It doesn't have to be a package, really - size doesn't matter. My curiosity for foreign knick-knacks and candy knows no bounds! Candy-wise I go for anything, but I especially love grape-flavored things (which you simply can't find where I live) and chocolate! Om nom! :3

10. Be kind to yourself!
I love the Holidays but I know it can be stressful. And I know people are much harder on themselves than they have to be. You are beautiful and kind and generous - you wouldn't be here if you weren't. I wish for you to take some time for yourself too, and let yourself know how wonderful you are. Be kind to others, but don't forget you in the process. Just take a moment for yourself once in awhile. ♥

And there it is! Thank you for reading this! If you'd like my address please email me at seven.sinsualities@gmail.com! Have a lovely Holiday (whichever you celebrate!) and I hope your wishes will come true! ♥
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oh and if you email me at horrificknits at gmail dot com i can do a reading for you as well (3 card, at least, it's what i'm best at). i even have a day of the dead themed deck.
PM me your address? I'll figure the international postage out because I do have a couple of things I think you'd like. <3

Pst, your wishlist link isn't working for me. ^^;

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Day of the Dead
I'd love to send you something Day of the Dead inspired. Will email you!

Also, you may enjoy this: http://www.darkpassage.com/

The Hospital of the Seven Teeth is one I explored myself. It's certainly spooky.

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Re: Day of the Dead
Ooooh thank you so much! That would be amazing!!! :D

And I can't wait to explore the website, it seems delightfully creepy! ♥
Merry meet,

Care package...I would love to do this with you. However, is it okay that I send it out in January?

I put alot of thought and time into care packages it's my thing. So if it's okay I will send you a care package.

Please PM your address.

Ooh thank you so much! That would be so kind of you! :D :D :D
It's completely alright to send it in January - it'll make the Christmas feeling last longer. ♥

Thanks again, I'm so excited! I'll PM you right away! ^ ^
That sounds exciting! I would love to see it someday - I bet it's complicated, turning a story into a workable movie manuscript! Complicated but awesome! :D

I'm writing in my mother tongue so provided that you can read Swedish there's excerpts of a couple of my short stories here. I've had a few short stories published in Eskapix (Sweden's only horror/pulp magazine) and I'm in the editing phase of a longer project. :)

I hope you have a lovely holiday too! ♥
Hi! Please PM me your address and I'll send you a horrible creepy letter. Or card.
Oooooh! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read it! ♥

I'll PM you my address right away! :D
YAY! That's so kind of you! I'll PM you right away! ♥

(I've found your wishlist too so I'm heading over there to see if there's anything I can do too!)
I can grant one of your wishes!
Please send your mailing address to me at: literatec -at- aol -dot- com
It would be super helpful if you could include a link to your list, so I make sure to send the right package. Thanks! ^_^
OMG really? That's so sweet of you! I just sent you an email! ♥

(I'll go looking for you wishlist too!)
I could do a reading of animal medicine cards, if you want another reading. I read the Smans and Carson animal medicine cards http://www.amazon.co.uk/Medicine-Cards-Jamie-Sams/dp/0312204914

Druidic animal oracle http://www.amazon.com/Druid-Animal-Oracle-Philip-Carr-Gomm/dp/0671503006

or the Alexander Scott King Australian animal oracle cards. http://www.animaldreaming.com/index.php/animal-dreaming-shop?page=shop.product_details&flypage=vmj_naru.tpl&product_id=18&category_id=7

Being Australian, of British Isles decent, I like the last two the best, but I used to read the Sams and Carson professionally.

PM me if you're interested :-)
This is amazing! Thank you so much for your kind offer! I'll PM you right away. ♥
Can you PM me your adress? I may have a thing or two for you. :)
I'd love to write you one of the ghost stories from around here that I know (I live in Canada) and I embroider a bit, just new to it but I love it, so-- is there any fandoms you like, or subject/themes?? I can try and see if I can do something for you.

I'm mentioning it here 'cause I don't just wanna pop into your email and be like "HEY :D GIMME YOUR ADDRESS!" lol.
So if those things interest you lemme know here n' I'll e-mail you :3.
Wow! That's really kind of you! I LOVE ghost stories! And oooooh handmade! :D

Um themes... well, I adore horror, vintage, tentacles, cryptozoology, steampunk and a lot more! Check out my userinfo for more information. :)

Thank you so much! ♥
I can definitely send you some BPAL stuff! I have a ton of imps that are just looking for good homes. My husband ships stuff worldwide all the time so we'll be able to figure out how to ship to Sweden. Please send me your address @ visionshadows @ gmail dot com. :)
..!!! O_o

OMG that would be incredible! Seriously, you've just made my Christmas! WOW!

Emailing you right away! ♥♥♥♥♥