When you wish upon a star...

Hey all. I'm Rob, been here for a number of years. Happily married, kids, living it up in swanky O-town (Orlando for those not in the know). I'm into video games, comics, all that "geek chic" stuff. Some of you kindly followed me on Twitter (@PowerLevelMarketing), so I'll try not to disappoint. My wife got me into this some years ago, and every year we've ended up sending out way too many packages, not that that's a bad thing, of course. Sent a few surprises so far, and looking forward to doing even more this year.

1. DVDs. Over the past couple of years, it seems a few of our precious members of our DVD collection mysteriously grew legs and are MIA. I'd love to replace them. Specifically: Eyes Wide Shut, K-Pax, or Four Rooms.

2. Seems we're also missing the DVDs of Boxing Helena & Encino Man...

3. And also missing the DVDs of Flypaper, and Primal Fear. Apologies for listing them in three wishes, but apparently that's how I'm supposed to do it.

4.Chuck Palahniuk. I've found myself becoming a fan of his books. I've read all but four, and now I'm scrounging for more. So if anyone has a copy of Lullaby, Survivor, or Diary they could stand to part with, that would be great.

5. Tassimo pods. Especially the coffee. We have the Tassimo maker, and I've found that I have become quite addicted to the thing. We run out of the coffee like crazy.

6. Bottle of Moonlight/Starlight/Sunlight lotion made by the Nature Company in the late 90's. It was discontinued and then the store went out of business. It has got to be the best thing I have ever smelled. Ever. I have been unable to find it.

7. Back in 2003, my wife and I attended Dragoncon. My wife fell in LOVE with this dress, and hasn't stopped talking abut it since. After some research, she found it was a Catherine Coatney dress, and the owner told her she had purchased it at the Boston Fetish Flea Market. She's been looking ever since and has yet to find it. A close friend found us the corset, but now we're on the hunt for the skirt. If anyone can point us to where we can
purchase this, PLEASE let me know (click pic for larger size).

8. Anything from my Amazon wish list. Used is perfectly fine.

That should about do it. Thanks for looking, and if you need my address just send me a private message here ... happy holichristmyuleramadahanukwanzaa!
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If it's okay for you if I take the Tassimo pods out of the box to save postage, I can send you some chocolate coffee.
Absolutely. I didn't even know they made chocolate coffee. Now I'm very curious. I'll PM you. And thank you very much.
If the vendor still makes the skirt and you arrange for it with her, I'm in Boston and would be willing to pick it up for you and do the shipping....
#7 - I don't have one but if she really really wants one, I know the tailor who can make one to your wife's *own* body specifications: www.sewfits.com - making SCA garb since they started counting in Anno Societus (sp?) years. (not really that long, but it sounds good, ya?)