Happy Holidays!

Hello and happy holidays!

This is my first year in this community but I love making people happy so I'm excited to get started! I'm a 22 year old grad student studying to be a fashion historian, completely broke and attempting to lead a glamorous life anyways. I love pretty things, the 18th century, playing dress up, performing, and making terrible puns.

1. Anything from my amazon wishlist- Which you can find here. Used is more than welcome! I adore books and have quite a fashion history library. But there's always more to get! I also adore books about art, although there aren't many on my list currently as it's hard to know which are the good ones without actually flipping through them first. Some of my favorite artists are Boucher, Fragonard, Ingres, Gainsborough, and Reynolds, so if you know a good book about any of those guys let me know!

2. Pretty Things- I am a great collector of Pretty Things. Here is my Pretty Things album on photobucket, to give you an idea of my aesthetic. A Pretty Thing is really just any object that's pretty- a pretty bottle, a candle, a box, something sparkly, or more concrete items like picture frames and throw pillows. I have severe depression and surrounding myself with Pretty Things sometimes helps to brighten things a little.

3. Anything from Laduree- I love Laduree. Years ago I found a picture of one of their beautiful boxes filled with macarons and it was the beginning of a beautiful obsession. After years and years of longing, I finally had my first Laduree experience this summer when I was lucky enough to travel through Europe and it was absolutely magical! I collect Laduree boxes but I also love all of their little gifty items. Especially those candles shaped like pastries (in pink!)- too cute! I live in New York, where America just got its very first Laduree, so if you'd like to treat me to an actual pastry I would not be opposed to that either.

4. Fabric- I recreate historic garments and play dress up in them and it's super fun, but fabric is expensive. So if you would like to feed my addiction to being a Pretty Pretty Princess I would be most appreciative! Right now what I'd like most is silk taffeta, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a nice cotton if it was offered. I prefer natural fibers and fabric that is 'historically accurate' (ie something I can use to make an 18th center dress with, for example). Talk to me about colors and/or patterns. I'd also like to include ostrich feather plumes and silk flowers in this category.

5. A care package from your country- I love to travel and I love other cultures, and would love to receive something that represents yours!

6. A donation to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital- What they do there is truly amazing, and they never turn a child away because of an inability to pay.

7. Support some one with an eating disorder- My best friend, who I love more than anything, has been suffering from an eating disorder for most of her life. To see what this terrible disease has done to such a wonderful and beautiful person breaks my heart. And unfortunately she is not the only friend I have with an eating disorder. So reach out to some one with an eating disorder. Tell them that they are beautiful and loved and the world is better because they are in it.

8. Something special made just for me- It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a little doodle inside a card is as perfect as a grand oil painting of me wearing a robe a la francaise. A little decorated box, a drawing of flowers, a knitted scarf, what's important was that it was made by you. It makes me feel special to know that some one took the time to make something for me.

9. A really nice camera- I've got a great little point and shoot camera, but I've been to so many amazing places and seen so many beautiful things and I wish I could capture them better.

10. Anything Sherlock Holmes related- I love Sherlock Holmes and can never get enough Holmes themed stuff! I'd particularly love a teddy bear dressed as Holmes. Or even better Snoopy dressed as Holmes (which would combine my love of Sherlock Holmes AND Peanuts). Really just any stuffed animal dressed like Holmes would be awesome.

If you would like to fulfill any of my wishes send me a message through lj and I'll send you my address! Thank you all!!
Oooh, I have just the perfect Pretty Thing to send to you with your card *smiles*
I'd love to send you a care package from Australia - but it'd be full of those little souvenir things if that's what you'd like? Let me know! Send me an email at sara.ringham@gmail.com :-)
That sounds lovely, thank you so much!!

Also, if it's not too much trouble, if you could fit a koala and Hugh Jackman into the box that'd be great.
Hey! :)
If you're interested, I have "The Frogs" (OBC) in mp3 format.
I actually happen to have a whole lot of quilting fabric I'm trying to get rid of right now. Do you think any of that would be useful to you? If so I'd be happy to make you a flat rate box stuffed full of fabric. The only caveat is that I'm flat broke so you'd have to be willing to cover shipping. I know, not really helpful. Heart's willing but the pockets are unfortunately empty.
Its almost exclusively prints in a broad range of styles and colors. Would that suit you?