Happy Holidays

This is my first year participating in holiday wishes, having recently heard about it from a friend who’s an active member. I do hope to participate in years to come, and hope to be able to grant some wishes.
I’m in college full time and spend my free time volunteering, when I’m not home with my array of rescue animals.

My wishes:

1) For my brother: Lighthouse related things. Ideally, the most important thing I want to get him is this: http://www.bradfordexchange.com/products/110688001_lighthouse-necklace.html, but I realize it might be a pipedream that someone else will get it for me to give him 
2) Boy Scout outdoor gear for my nephew, who is just starting out in Boy Scouting.
3) RC Vehicles (cars, boats, helicopters) for my other nephew (17)
4) Tinkerbell stuff for my niece (16). She tends to like the other fairies from the new series more than the standard Tinkerbell, but she likes it all.

5) My eBay wishlist: http://my.ebay.com/wishlist/Jake-Pihs/blkrc0haMlByQm1kajZ3Vm5ZK3NFWjJQckEyZGo2QUVsNGVwQ0pPTG9ReWRqNng5blkrc2VRKio*?lid=blkrc0haMlByQm1kajZ3Vm5ZK3NFWjJQckEyZGc2VUdtSXFvRDVPQ29BeWRqNng5blkrc2VRKio*

6) Virgin Mobile Pre-Paid phone cards (Top Up Cards)
7) Postal stamps & other supplies for pen-palling (international inc). I like to learn about other cultures, and would really like more international pen pals who would like to tell me more about their culture. At the present moment, though I wouldn’t mind learning a foreign language, I only speak/read English…please keep that in mind if volunteering to be my pen pal.
8) Buddhist figurines & stuff (Confusious, Buddha, and especially Foo Dogs)
9) Books (true stories, anything by Thich Nhat Hanh, anything Michael Moore, ARTICLES OF FAITH by Robert L. Rodin, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE )
10) I would really, really, really like to adopt an African Grey. I’ve been looking all over, but haven’t been able to find one locally. I would even travel to get one, if it were a rescue.

Gently used is fine for any of the above wishes. Please contact for address.
I was looking at my local used book store, because I thought I'd seen some Thich Nhat Hanh stuff and wanted to see what else on your list I could offer to grant, and there's a lot of books called ARTICLES OF FAITH that are true stories but about completely different things. Do you know which one it is you're looking for?