Fifth year participant here!

Hello, I'm Heather, 26 year old cashier for a thrift shop that benefits our local humane society. This has been a very trying year for my family. My mother went into the hospital for a mild stroke back in June and stayed for a week because they found blood clots in her lungs.
My dad lost his job about a month after she got out and hasn't been able to find work since. We've been close to being homeless a few times. We're doing a bit better and I hope I can grant a few wishes here and there. This community is pretty much the only thing I look forward to during Christmastime.

Now, on with the wishlist:

1. Tell the people you love how you feel about them. That you love and appreciate them and that you are lucky to have them in your life. Because you are.

2. Be kind to your cashier. Get off the phone, smile and when we say have a nice day , say "you have a great day too".

3. Donations to The Humane Society of Skagit Valley or any local animal shelter. It can be money, extra cat food you have around the house, a good leash, or you can go in and walk a dog or bathe a cat (good luck with that one) :)

4. I am currently growing out my hair for Locks of Love and would love some hair things. I'm not really girly, but I'd like to be. I haven't had long hair since I was 10. Any hair ties, head bands or hair sticks would be great. I still have about 5 inches to go.

5. Christmas cards or any small girly stocking stuffers for my cousin Jennifer and her two girls. She's a single mom who is renting her first house and this will be her first Christmas there. It would be nice to hang the cards around the house. The girls are Brooklyn (6) and Lala (4).

6. Fabric scraps for my mom. She is just getting into quilting and can never have enough. Toss a few squares into an envelope and send it our way. She'll love any pattern and any colors. I hate to be picky, but it would be best if they came from a non-smoking home as my mom's lungs are still sensitive.

7. Anything to keep my dad warm. He does a lot of yard work and odd jobs around town and it is getting cold. A packet of hot chocolate or a good pair of thick socks (he wears size 9 1/2 shoes) would work just fine.

8. Amazon wishlist, used is perfect!

9. Ornaments for my nerd tree. I have a small Christmas tree and would love anything nerdy to add to it. I love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Super Mario Brothers, Batman, Toy Story. Basically anything that a little boy would like, it can even be handmade, I love handmade.

10. Any candy that is not available in the US. I will try anything and I have no allergies. I am not a huge fan of black licorice, candied ginger or anything with bugs in it.

Thank you so much

My contact info:

Heather Chaires
1587 S. Burlington Blvd
Burlington, WA 98233

Many thanks to :
I can send you something. Please PM me with your address and link to your wishlist. Thank you!