Happy Holidays to All!

Happy Holidays everyone! My name is Rebecca, and this is, I believe, my third year as a mod here. I'm 34 from New York, and a full time student working towards becoming a High School English Teacher. No "sob story" here - I have a supportive family who I thank my lucky stars for everyday.

1. Holiday Cards - I love getting them every year! It's always nice to have a little surprise in the mailbox. 

2. Giftcards - My top 3 are Starbucks - I spend a ton of time there studying and doing schoolwork, and it's almost obscene how much I wind up spending there. Regal Cinemas - pretty much the only thing I ever do out is go to the movies - I love it. Target - who doesn't love Target? You have way of going in for toothpaste and coming out with $75 worth of merchandise. It's magic. 

3. Amazon Wishlist - not much there as I've really cut down on what movies I want/need. Used is fine! 

4. Lush Products - any Lush products would be lovely. I love the stuff, but it gets a bit pricey. Any organic/homemade soaps are fine. 

5. Stuffed Animals- I am a total child at heart. I love stuffed animals, and will take any! 

6. Be Kind to Retail Workers - Be kind to all those retail workers out there - this time of year gets insane. Remember, they're stressed too! And whenever you can, try to praise instead of complain. I often go on the website of whatever company I received good service from and let them know - people are so quick to complain, much less likely to say nice things. And please, put the phone down when you are talking to them!

7. Reusable Bags - Could always use more! I try not to ever use plastic bags if I can help it (and I really hope people out there do the same - there is way too much plastic waste in this world)

8. Non-Perishable Food Stuff - Not for me, for my best friend who has been living in my car since April. He is out of work, broke and I try to help him as much as I can, but I'm not working myself. He'll pretty much eat anything - he's not picky. 

9. Good Thoughts for Said Friend - Whatever is wrong with my life, I know I have a family that will always support me - he does not. Just cross your fingers, say a prayer - or offer advice about assistance for him, or job advice, etc. He needs to get out of this situation. 

10. Surprise Me! AKA I can't think of a 10th wish lol.

Thanks so much to anyone who either can fulfill a wish or even just read this far! 

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season! :) 

Rebecca Parker
88-23 238th Street
Bellerose, NY 11426
You can be sure I'll do #6. :) It's a lovely wish.

I'll also send you a card, and try to start using reusable bags more. :)

Wishing all the best to your friend, and to you for the holidays!
Absolutely - saying something nice is all well and good, but it's better for the praise to have a paper trail :)
Sending stuff and thinking good thoughts for your friend. :( I don't know what programs are in place near you but if you go to your public library there is usually a brochure on county/state programs that help people in various situations. It might be a start.
Thank you so much - the public library is always a good place to start, and he spends a lot of time there anyway :)
Expect a card from me! :D And I really hope things look up for your friend.
I am sending a surprise for you and your friend! You're both in my thoughts. Watch your mailbox. :-)
I'm just a co-mod, but it's my pleasure :) It's nice to have a part in something so wonderful!