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Avarielle here. 24, turning 25 on the 27th of December. From Singapore, a tiny island in South-East Asia. Currently a professional slacker aka still job-hunting. Obsessed with maritime history, particle physics, astronomy, gaming, drawing, writing and tech stuff.

1) letters. postcards. anything snail mail! I'd like something to look forward to in the mail. Or be my penpal. So I have something to look forward to in the mail.

2) anything NASA related. mission patches, lanyards, stickers, newspaper articles, magazine articles, anything really. It's next to impossible to get stuff over here.

3) Copic atyou Spica Glitter pens. One or two pens would be great. An entire set would be a dream come true.

4) A long shot but I'm obsessed with some of the things from the JPL Store but shipping is outragerous since it's international. Am especially in love with stuff from the Cassini mission, the Mars Rovers mission, the Mars Science Lab mission and the Juno mission.

5) Steampunk stuff. Necklaces, bracelets, small stuff.

6) pins and/or badges. I collect them.

7) another long shot but I've developed an obsession with Carl Sagan and his books. I would love to find a copy of the hardcover edition of Cosmos.

8) Any one of these little cuties from The Particle Zoo. I've currently got a Higgs Boson and I think he's lonely and wants more friends.

9) Surprise me! I love surprises!

10) Last but not least, I've got a silver Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet (Example in link! Just that mine's silver) that could go to a new home. If you want to "adopt" it, just say. It'll come with the pen, the mouse, the tablet itself, the pen stand and three spare nibs. It's a tad scruffy but still works as well as the day I bought it. 

The USB cable is missing but it works with any mini-USB to USB cable. Don't have the packaging anymore but I'll ship it in bubble wrap. Also don't have the original installation CDs but you can get the drivers off Wacom's site or I'll be happy to burn a disc with the drivers for you, just let me know if you want the Mac or PC drivers. Ask me if you want photos of the tablet & stuff.
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email me for my address / contact: token.ringbearer@gmail.com
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#10: I-I'd love the tablet, if that's okay. :O I'll be getting a new computer soon and would love to be able to start drawing again, I've always wanted a tablet.

Getting a CD with the PC drivers would be great!
Okay! Tablet to you! Also, new computers are always fun.

Hope you don't mind it not coming with a USB cable. I suck and apparently lost the cable.

Drop me your address either via LJ notes or email. And I'll get the tablet to you ASAP.
Welcome! Glad to see to tablet go to a good home.

I've got a couple of other tablets so that Bamboo Fun was just sitting around. The USB cable needed is just your regular mini-USB to USB so I was using an old phone's charger cable for the longest time.
Speaking of NASA... my friend wcg works at the Goddard Center there, and just posted 30 essays in November about astronomy, heavily featuring NASA. You may enjoy checking out his journal and reading those essays!
Are you interested in anything in particular about the NASA programs? I'm a librarian and i have access to their archiives - some of the old stuff is pretty interesting to read. :)
I don't really have any particular preference. NASA stuff is near-impossible to come by over here in Singapore so Ill be glad to get hold of what I can.
I'll see what i can track down then. It's mostly scanned .pdf's of original documents so they're pretty easy to send. :)
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Scanned PDFs would be great. I'll probably transfer them to my iPad to read at leisure.
I'm not in the XMas spirit, but I am available for random, interesting & often inappropriate conversation. I may attempt to gift-wrap my cat, Chynna. I'll keep U posted on that...
Random, interesting & often inappropriate conversation is awesome.

But don't gift-wrap your cat, it probably won't be happy.

(sorry for the slow response)