Merry Christmas! :)

Hi everyone! :)  My name is Grace and I'm 24 years old.  This is my second year participating and it's also something I've been looking forward to all year.  I felt so inspired and moved by the strong sense of giving in this community and I can't wait to participate again! :)  This is a very exciting community to be a part of and I'd like to thank everyone again who fulfilled some of my wishes last year. <3

On to my wish list then. :)

1) Amazon, Regal Cinemas or Prepaid Visa Gift Cards:  I shop on Amazon frequently for things like books, music, and DVDs, so this would make the perfect gift.  There are a lot of movies that are coming out this month that I'd love to see, so Regal Cinemas would be an equally good fit for a gift card.  Prepaid Visa gift cards are great too because I'm still unemployed and low on money, so these help me with any expenses I may have, especially postage (I have a lot of pen pals). :)  Any of these gift cards would be great!

2) Christmas Cards:  I adore receiving mail, so cards would be awesome too! :)

3) Amazon Wish List Items:  Anything from my Amazon wish list would be great!  Used items are fine as long as they're in good condition.  If you send me a package via Amazon, be sure to include your name and address so that I can thank you properly with a card. :)  Here's my wish list:

4) Amy Brown Binder Paper/Fairy Stationery Sets:  I have been looking all over for Amy Brown-themed binder paper, but have had no luck.  Hot Topic used to carry it, but it seems they no longer have the binder paper in stock (at least where I am).  I haven't had much luck online either, though I have come across some other fairy stationery sets recently.  If you know of a place that carries Amy Brown binder paper, please let me know the URL address.  If you can't find it, then any of these fairy stationery sets would be perfect:  My favorite fairy artists are Josephine Wall, Amy Brown, Nene Thomas, and Jessica Galbreth, so any merchandise related to them would also be most appreciated. :)

5) TV Show/Anime Recommendations:  I have been looking for more good anime series and TV shows to watch lately, so any recommendations for either category would be most appreciated! :)  I enjoy action/adventure, comedy, romance/drama series, and pretty much anything that makes me reflect or think.  Some of my favorite TV shows include Joan of Arcadia, The L Word, Lost Girl, Misfits, Sherlock Holmes (BBC Version), etc.  I don't like anything in the horror genre since I don't like gory scenes. =/  Some of my favorite anime series include Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Naruto, Black Cat, Outlaw Star, Full Metal Panic!, Happy Lesson, Ouran High School Host Club, among many others. :)

6) Muse Concert DVD:  Muse is one of my absolute favorite bands and I would LOVE to have a good concert DVD of theirs!  I am open to any recommendations you may have, though anything similar to this Resistance Tour concert on DVD would be perfect:

7) Music (MP3s or Mixed CD format):  I love music and am open to hearing anything you would like to share with me (either in downloadable MP3 or CD format). :)  I love discovering new artists and my favorite genres include rock, trance/electronica, Celtic, etc.  The only genres I really don't care for are country, rap/hip hop, gospel/Christian music, folk and so forth.  I'm open to world music and international artists too! :)  Some of my favorite artists include Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden), Muse, OneRepublic, Ellie Goulding, Dragonette, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Sarah McLachlan, Paramore, etc.  Anything more modern or contemporary would probably work. :)

8) Dream Dictionary:  This is my favorite Web site to visit whenever I have trouble figuring out one of my dreams!  DreamMoods has an awesome and very comprehensive dream dictionary and I would love to own their hard copy version.  You can order their dream dictionary here:

9) Netflix Subscription:  I have been aching to have a Netflix subscription for a long time now, so any number of months you could afford would be great!

10) Share Something You Love!  Whether it's your favorite tea or coffee, your favorite music, TV show or book, the sky is the limit!  :)  Surprise me with something you love!  It can also be your favorite ghost story, photo, artist, Web site, comedy routine, anything really! :)  I feel like this option allows you to use your creativity a little more. <3

If you need to contact me for anything or you need my address, you can email me here:

I look forward to fulfilling some of your wishes! :)
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5. I've a few anime recommendations!
- Tiger & Bunny
- Durarara!!
- Working!! (alternatively known as "Wagnaria!!")
- Last Exile
- Haibane Renmei
Awesome! Thanks for the recommendations! :) I've been curious about Last Exile and Haibane Renmei for a while now -- maybe I can find them on Netflix or Hulu and check them out! :)

Have you posted your wish list yet? I would like a link to it to see if I can fulfill any of your wishes. :)
Oh my gosh, anime recs! 8D I can definitely do that. Some of my favorites are:

- Natsume Yuujinchou (!!!! If you want a sweet, calming, touching and uplifting anime, WATCH THIS. There are three seasons so far and they are all equally lovely.)

- Eve no Jikan (YOU MUST WATCH THIS. In my opinion, the movie is just a tad better than the series, but they tell the same story, just in different formats. It's a wonderful, wonderful anime that gives you hope for humanity and makes you think. ♥)

- Summer Wars (go buy this movie. You won't regret it. Again, it gives you hope for humanity and also has some action and suspense and romance. :D One of the best anime movies I've seen!)

- Nodame Cantabile (lots and lots of quirkiness, budding romance and classical music! What's not to adore? :3)

- Mushishi (some mystery, some comedy, a lot of calming slice of life, gorgeous scenery porn and it makes you reflect.)

- Honey and Clover I and II (slice of life about a group of art students, lots of comedy, romance, quiet, reflective scenes and loveliness. :D)

- Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - comedy and romance with a bit of suspense mixed in - a really good movie that I think is pretty much a classic.)

All right, I'll stop now before I go amok. There are so many incredible animes out there that I will simply direct you to my list on Anime-Planet. They're all rated, so you can tell which I loved. :D :D :D
Awesome! :) Thank you so much! :D I've heard of most of these series and I'm very curious about Summer Wars, Mushishi, and Honey and Clover. I've seen the previews for Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and they both look like very intriguing movies. :) Thanks again and I will check out your list on Anime Planet. :D I think I'll add Summer Wars to my Amazon wish list. :)
I loooooooved the anime Rozen Maiden. It has living dolls! With amazing clothes! Who were created to fight each other to decide which is the best doll! (Worst reason to make living dolls ever? Probably.)

As for non-anime shows. If you're looking for something funny and heart-warming (but not in a Hallmark-y way; with a bit of a bite to it), Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies are both awesome. I like Pushing Daisies just a bit better, because it's visually stunning, its characters are more vivid, and it has wacky murder mystery plots (no gore, fortunately) and cute romance and friendship.

And for sheer hilarity, you just can't beat Community.
I really enjoyed Rozen Maiden too, though I think it had another season or part to it that I haven't watched yet. I saw the first season though -- it was interesting and hilarious! lol :)

I haven't heard of Pushing Daisies or Wonderfalls, but I will definitely check them out! Thanks for all of the recommendations! I would love to get into some new TV shows. As for Community, gosh that's hilarious! I just started watching the first season and I love it! Priceless humor! :D Thanks so much! Have you posted your wish list yet? I would love to have a link to your own holiday wishes to see if I can fulfill any of them. :)
I've heard of Ranma but haven't seen it yet. Thanks for the recommendation! :) Have you posted your wish list yet? I'd like to have a link to it to see if I can fulfill any of your own holiday wishes. :)
Would you like an Amy Brown print? Sorry, no stationary. Also happy to send a card. Emailing!
I'm sending you a card! And I'll try to put something extra in there. I'm like the world's worst pen pal ever. lol
Awesome! :) Thanks! :D I should hopefully be sending you a card soon too! I just need some postage and it will be on its way to you. :) Also, I plan on emailing you some gifts soon. :)
Email sent!

Rumor has it that Sailor Moon may be available in North America again soon...
Replied with my address! :) I'm looking forward to it! Thanks a bunch! I haven't seen Sailor Moon in ages! :)
Email me at with your address and link to your wishlist so i can send you something :D
Thank you so much! :) I just sent you an email with my address and I'm off to look at your wish list too! <3 Thanks for the link! :D

Just sent you a PM with my address! Looking forward to receiving your card and I'm off to find your wish list as well to see if I can fulfill any of them! <3

Thanks again! :D
Re: a small sample of Winnipeg artists
Thanks for the link! :) I have all the songs downloaded and I can't wait to listen to them! Thanks for sharing! <3