Classroom Wishes

This is my fourth year at holiday_wishes and I'm very excited for the holiday season!  For the past three years, I have asked for items for my classroom.  While making my list this year, I debated long and hard about asking for school-related supplies.  The Michigan legislature has spent the past year making lives of teachers in this state absolutely miserable.  They've specifically targeted our unions, cut our pay, increased our workload, and taken away as many benefits as they legally can.  I am angry.  Very angry.  Part of me wants to shout "screw you!" and ask for nothing for my students, this year.  But then the educator in me speaks up and reminds me I'm not the only person being shafted - they are also cheating the kids out of a good education.  In the end, I decided that I would stick to my initial plan and ask for school-related items.

1. Write a nice "thank you" note to your kids' teachers.  Our jobs are very stressful.  For the amount of work we do, we get very few thanks.

2. I'd like this specific READ poster.  I teach science, but literacy is necessary for everyone.

3. NASA's "Night Lights" poster.  I'm sure there are several places to purchase it, this is one of the first I stumbled across.

4. EXPO Dry Erase markers.  The districts gave us all these great white boards, but barely give us any markers.  And they tend to only buy black, which isn't terribly helpful when making diagrams on the boards.
Thanks go to rubynye for all the colored dry erase markers!

5. Vintage and/or broken interesting scientific equipment.  I decorate my room with weird stuff for the kids to look at, and I'd really like some additional pieces.  Specifically, I'd love a transit or a seismograph, but I'll take anything earth science related.  :)

6. Good geology/astronomy/meteorology DVD documentaries for young adults.  Even fun videos like World's Most Dangerous Hurricanes (I made that up, but I'm sure there are similar videos out there).

7. Reptile heat bulbs.  Or a gift card to an online store where I can buy some.

8. Gift card for Doctors Foster and Smith
Thanks go to fireun for the wonderful gift card!

9. Clean animal skulls.  Although I teach earth science I like to have a variety of life science items in the room, because I recognize that not all students will have an interest in earth systems and I want them to still be curious about science in general.  That and I'm super-weird and collect skulls.  Please make sure they are CITES compliant.  My dream is to own an authentic articulated human skeleton, because honestly - how cool would that be!?   I love this site:
Thanks go to naamah_darling for the offer of assorted skulls!

10. My non-school wish item:  I love Top Gear (the original UK show, not the US version) and I've love to have seasons 10-16 on DVD.  Especially seasons 10, 14 and 16 because I love the specials.  Region 1 discs only, please.  I know Amazon sells them for between $14 and $21 apiece.

e-mail clinozoisite(at) for my address!  Please include holiday-wishes in the subject line.
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I think you are a total star for asking for stuff for your students! I can't actually grant a wish for you (so sorry) but I wanted to suggest that you try asking on Freecycle for some of the same items. Best of luck with your quest. Happy Holidays to you!
That would be awesome; my students are definitely fascinated by skulls and skeletons. Do you have any of your artwork online? I'd love to look at some. :)