I still want that rocket ship.

My name is Jasmine, I'm 23 years old, and this is my third year at holiday_wishes, although it's only my first on this journal name.  I live in Texas, with my grandmother.  I just moved back in here to help take care of her, which is why I didn't make my usual December 2nd post date, haha.  We just got internet.  Now if only we could get one of these rooms cleared out enough for me to keep my belongings in the house and not the garage....

Anyhow, here's my list this year!  Mostly in no particular order, we've got...

01. Amazon Gift Cards

I'm a big Amazon addict, especially since I got my Kindle. Amazon gift cards are useful in general, but mostly I use them to get my ebook fix, since I don't really have room yet for more real books/physical items.

02. Tarot/Oracle Decks

Okay, so....I probably already have too many decks, but I ask for a new one every year and I've gotten some interesting ones so far, so I'd like to ask again! If you have any decks laying around, then feel free to send it my way! You can see a list of decks I already have here.

03. Cards

So, I celebrate Yule/Winter Solstice, but I don't mind explicitly Christmas-y cards. I just moved in with my aunt and my grandmother (I'm helping to take care of her), and this place doesn't really feel like home to me yet. I'd like to get some things in the mail to make me feel like I'm really living here.

04. Beef Jerky

...I'm always craving jerky. I'd especially like to try some homemade stuff, but I'm not picky!

05. Twang Pickle Salt

Speaking of stuff I crave. I am addicted to Twang, but lately I can't find it anywhere except online.

06. Batteries

Specifically, AA and AAA batteries would be GREATLY appreciated. You can't have too many, and right now, I don't have enough.

07. Stationery

I like the idea of mailing letters and things to people, but I like the idea of using cute stationery to do so even more. Unfortunately, I don't have any of that stuff.

08. Moleskine Journals

I love these, but I can very rarely afford to buy new ones. I don't especially care about sizes or whether they're lined or not, but I will say that I use the large sketchbooks as nature journals.

09. Plant Identification Help

If someone would like to lend themselves to me for help on identifying some plants and trees (I'd provide pictures), that would be GREATLY appreciated. I've got a handful I need help with right now, and I'd probably come up with more in the future.

10. Manga

Right now I'm reading Kimi ni Todoke (I already have volumes 1 through 8), Twin Spica (I have volumes 1 and 2), and Chi's Sweet Home (I own volumes 1, 2 and 3). I'd like to read Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop) as well, but I don't own any of it yet.

If you need to email me or request my address, you can do so at onawhim@lilybulb.org, or leave a comment here.
I can send you a card and I think I can get you something else.

Please PM your address, username and wish list LINK...this will make things easier.

Hey there! I have a small assortment of stationery that I never, ever use (I'm not big into snail-mail), and I'd love to send it your way. Want to PM me your address? :)
I've just come into possession of a tarot deck that I would love to send your way! I'll compare it to the list you have and if it's not on there, I'll comment again and get your address?
That sounds great :D Also, any of the decks with an asterisk by them are decks that are...uh, for lack of a better phrase, being held captive. (It's a long story, but I trusted someone to keep my things for me while I was getting bounced around from place to place, and now she's been refusing to give them back for like a year..) So I wouldn't mind getting another copy of those -- but if you want to keep it for someone who doesn't have one at all, I understand :D
It looks like you don't have it! It's called the Tarot of the Old Path! The art is gorgeous, even if the box is a little beat-up. The cards appear to be in good condition, too, though I haven't counted to see if they're all there. Would you like to PM me your address? :D
i actually have several decks im not using. but i think you already have one or two of them. but if i can dig up a good one, i'll be sending it your way!

email me your adress with what i said id give you:
I have a little box full of stationery accessories like cute little stickers and so forth. If you want it, say the word and I'll stick it in a little flat rate box and it's all yours. There's all kinds of stuff in there, including a small bundle of promo postcards from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, which feature lots of badass old art. This is stuff I will realistically never use, and would just as soon pass on to someone who might play with it.

I can't take PMs on LJ, but you can reach me at naamah at gmail.

Also, you got a favorite color?
Sorry, I've been a little caught up in stuff, but I got your package, and it was wonderful! Thank you so much! :D It's never too late to get gifts.
I have been caught up in real life things, too, so sorry I've not been able to reply until tonight! I'm glad it arrived! I hope you have fun with the stuff!
I'd be happy to send a Yule-inspired card your way. Email me your address - memoryanddream AT gmail.com and please include your username so I can keep my list straight.

Have a beautiful holiday season!