a long-held wish

Hey there. I'm Elise, and I make stuff (shiny things, stories, filksongs and other songs, and whatever needs doing that I can figure out how to do). I live in the upper midwest of the US. There's a wish I've had for a long time, so long that it might be out of fashion now, but it would still tickle me greatly if somebody could do it.

1. A Buffy Buffy Buffy Flash cartoon. You know that "badger badger badger" thing? With the mushrooms and the snake? I have always wanted there to be one like that, only based in the Buffyverse. It would have "Buffy Buffy Buffy" and "Monster, monster," and then "It's Spike, ooh, it's Spike," with images of the characters.

I dunno why I want that so much. I just think the universe needs one. And I'm not versed in how to do it, so I've never tried making one myself. (Silver wire I can bend. Pixels, not so much.) Anyhow, thanks for reading, and have an especially good holiday season.
Do you have your filk songs recorded and/or online somewhere? I love to discover new filk artists!
I don't have any recordings. There are some lyrics online here and there; I'll be collecting a bunch of them for a songbook (nothing so grand, really; more like a stapled wad of songs) for GAFilk for the singalong in a couple of weeks, though. (I'm the Secret GoH this year. Whee!) And I'll try to put more of them on my LJ as well, with a filk tag; there are already a bunch up on my LJ under that tag.

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I may be able to bend pixels. I don't think the wish is out of fashion.