My Ten Wishes

1. Because its too easy to use, My Amazon List
USED BOOKS welcomed!!! To make anything purchased from this list extra special- don't actually buy from Amazon!  See wish #10 below....
You can check if I own/received a book on my LibraryThing account which I am quick to add books to Heck, if you look at my LibraryThing shelf and my wishlist, and think I'd like book XYZ even though its not listed, go ahead and send it! I love books.  And so does my wife.  And in the rare case we don't care for a book, we give it away to another book lover (friends/family, bookmooch, freecycle, bookcrossing etc)

2. Health improvement. 
My own condition (Ehlers Danlos, Fibro) has become much worse, and is cutting into my getting things I enjoy done. I refuse to give up those things.  So Here's to wishing for improved health, or at least better medication and management techniques.  The same also for my wife Bugland aka AlasandAlack on LJ,  who was diagnosed with MS this year.

3. Pet Toys.
We have a Parrot (African Grey -a "medium sized parrot"), a Dog (a Polish Tatra Sheepdog, similar to great Pyrenees... x-large breed), and 5 Cats. We have other pets too, but these are the ones that would most appreciate toys/treats.  Our rats will enjoy the boxes things are shipped in (so anything sent is really a 2-for-1 sort of deal)

4. An (LGD) Dog to adopt.
Wishing to Find a good companion for Mikołaj  (Mickey), our puppy, that doesn't cost a lot to adopt/buy.   We are looking for another LGD (livestock guardian dog) breed such as a Great Pyrenese, Mareema, Akbash, Saint Bernard or mixes thereof...  We are lookign for either a little puppy that we can start training  and socialising asap, or a gentle adult that is good with other species and knows *basic* obedience.  But does not need to be able to "work" (iow, its okay if they are afraid of coyotes) 
Free would be awesome- an adoption fee under $200 I think we could swing.  Unfortunately, LGD dog are usually $500 for mixed breed /rescue/adoption on to 1 to 2 thousand for pure ones from breeders.
And just to head off those that think if you can't afford the initial price- you can't afford food, vet care, etc... (understandably, a useful criteria to start with, but one that should be open to exceptions).   First, these dogs eat very little (at 110lbs at 13 months old, Mikołaj  eats only 15lbs of *quality* kibble a month (he always has it available, we don't hold it back)- *if* that's all he eats.  It lasts more like 2 months though since we feed him lots of fresh meat and fresh eggs, which is almost always *free* for us since we get it via the food pantry and/or the chickens that we raise ourselves.  Our vet is also wonderful and lets us pay things off as slowly and/or barter;  we've had cats have $3,000+ surgeries to save their lives, thanks to our vets understanding about our financial situation.)

5. Fix Bug's Mobility Scooter. 
They have a “GoGo scooter” (if memory serves me right, its this one ) which has been really wonderful in getting them out and doing stuff (shopping, zoo, etc)- except that when we moved, it  just stopped working.  It was fine the day before moving, but the day after we were in the new home- it just  wouldn't turn on :-( Something must have happened during the move, but can't figure out what (did something shake loose???).  Checked the fuses which looked ok-( only to misplace them, so now I either need to find them (I suspect the cats already did, and batted them from here to nowhere) or replace them) and then still need to figure out what the original underlying problem was and get that fixed.

6. "Holiday Flavours" of coffee/tea/sweets Just no decaf or artificially sweetened stuff please.  

7. Plant Seeds. 
Any kind.  We are in Zone 5.  Our backyard has lots of sunny spots and partial sun spots.  The front yard is very shaded.  Fruit and Veggie garden is in the back.... and I could use more interesting flowers/grass/grains for the front yard for sure.  I also grow things indoors- upstairs just houseplants, in the basement, some celery and greens for winter under grow lights.  I will take commercial, heritage, and seeds you saved yourself if you do that kind of thing.  I typically grow multiple varieties of: Tomatoes, Corn, Squash (summer and winter), Peas, beans, and melons.   I also have some strawberries, grapes, raspberries, apple trees, apricots and pears.   I'll try just about anything though!  But please, nothing poisonous unless it likes shade and would go in the front yard. Anything in the backyard, or in the house might get nibbled on by a pet.

8. wool carding combs and/or a spinning wheel. I have pet sheep and would love to process their wool. 

9. Art and Craft supplies-
new or used I don't care.  I do a bit of everything ... painting (acrylics, oils, egg tempera),  sculpture (wire, metal, fabric, wood etc), Jewellery (beads and wire) etc.  Bugland/AlasAndAlack also does Oil Pastels.  We both have done very little inteh past couple years, and it would be good for our emotional well being to get back in the habit.
10. Don't buy from, or otherwise support, or sites it owns (incl:,,,, etc. )
among others (incl non commercial sites like ) )  Purchasing from Amazon is hurting publishers, authors, independent bookstores (and other stores), Customers, minority communities.... in other words, You, Me, everyone, All of us!  Surprised?  If you read nothing else on this topic, read this one (when you have a quiet 15-30 minutes and maybe a cup of your tea/coffee/etc):

This holiday season (and after) spend the extra minute, the extra dollar, to find the book, DVD, other other product you want at an independent retailer.  If you just can't imagine dropping Amazon 100%, at least start small, and work your way to breaking all ties with them.
I would hope it is obvious, but I'm just taking my own first steps.  Recs for alternative wishlist services would be appreciated. 

Anyway, crave more links?

Colin Robinson on Amazon's Bad Business (how Amazon hurts publishers, authors, consumers) (Video):

Amazon’s "Glitch" Myth Debunked / Amazon Lies ("censorship" (for lack of a better word) and de-ranking of GLBT books):

There's lots more out there (but I am pressed for time)- so google it!  And if you do so, please feel free to add links about the dangers of in comments below (as well as your own journals, websites, twitter, where-ever.  Get the word out there!)

PM for postal mail.
I work at a bead store and can definitely get you some jewelry supplies! Do you have anything in particular you want? I must warn you, it will probably not go out till after Christmas...
Oh thank you! I don't mind if it goes out after the holidays. A lot of the jewellry I make i give as gifts (birthdays, future holidays etc) so I will find almost any styles/colours/materials useful!
HUUUGE well wishes to the both of you...I too have fibro and arthritis...and I bought ONLY underground self-published books as gifts this year (me being a self published author too:)
Hope you have a pain free holiday!!!!!!!
One possibility for independent wishlists is, a uk based site and one that I haven't used myself but is entirely independent and should work fine for any country. I try not to use amazon from things I already knew, occasionally they are the only place carrying a product (on amazon market, books I get from other places), sometimes the price difference isn't worth it but it's something I'm mindful of, I'll read through the links as I'm able to see how that changes things.
I've added you on LibraryThing - hope that's ok. I will definitely read those articles about Amazon - thank you. And I would second as a good independent wishlist. Also, for books, try and see what you think (not sure if it has a US branch though). Re health, I have some guided relaxation MP3s that I can send you if that would be helpful? I have CFS and they've been good for me. Email me at w[dot]attwell[at]gmail[dot]com