Cat's Wishlist

Hey everyone. I discovered this community last year and I am still in love with it.
Here's my wishlist for this year.

1. Pens. I love to collect pens, so if any has any pens, I will happily accept them.

2. Notebooks. I love collecting notebooks as well, so any would be nice.

3. Some Uncharted icons would be nice.

4. Indiana Jones DVD's. Any one of them would be nice.

5. Movie posters, particularly from Sherlock Holmes.

6. Anything Uncharted related, besides the games, I already own the games.

7. Holiday cards.

8. Mystery Science Theater 3000 related stuff.

Okay, I can't come up with ten, sorry. I hope you all have a lovely holiday!

Contact info: please contact me at and I'll give you my address.

You'll want to remove the cut (folks don't click thru as much as we might like) and add tags so folks can find your wishlist!
a holiday card i can do.. maybe even some pens (i love pens too)

i have pneumonia. and am not allowed out yet. so obviously i cant maikl stuff yet (and my brain is a bit foggy) so can you email me your wish list or at least what i said i could send you and your address to
pls put "Holiday wishes" in the subject line....
Oooh, I have SO MANY pens right now... collectable because most of them are those 'advertising' type, with a company or pharmacutical on them... I may also have some notebooks I'm not sure, I need to go through that box still- but as we're in the middle of moving, I can DO that! :D

PM me your address and I will send you a buncha pens at the very least!